A Promotion That Cost Another An Arm

3:26 PM Joseph Aberl 0 Comments

After my earlier predictions that Agents of SHIELD regular cast might be growing in its third season with reports confirming Lincoln (Luke Mitchell) joining the ranks as a series regular. The cast is growing even beyond Inhumans as the man who kills Gordon, Alphonos “Mack” Mackenzie (Henry Simmons) is also joining the ranks of regulars for the upcoming season[1]. While I know that he isn’t the actual person who ended up killing Gordon, but one cannot deny the power he proved with that statement.

With his considerable role in the two-hour season finale S.O.S., he had certainly proven that the character is a great addition to the cast throughout the second season and with his actions towards Coulson (Clark Gregg), it certainly seemed like this was just a question of time until it was official. Now the only question remains what the future has in store for him, as he proved to be a very strong-willed man and has proven to be a person, who actually confronts Coulson on any actions he takes, maybe becoming the new surrogate for the everyday viewer. Whatever will happen in the coming season, I certainly hope he will wield that axe once again.

What are your thoughts? Were you hoping for this cast addition? Any other characters you want to see become series regulars? Leave your thoughts below!