Legends of Tomorrow Adds Ant-Man Actor

11:22 AM Joseph Aberl 0 Comments

DC's Legends of Tomorrow finally started and while I have not yet had the chance to watch it, they are certainly gearing up to expand their already quite heavy cast, but it seems that the newest character to join the Arrowverse, or CWverse as some may call it, has a mentor that will appear in an upcoming episode. Interesting enough, this actor might be familiar to many if they have seen Marvel's last film, Ant-Man.

Martin Donovan will play Rip Hunters Time Academy mentor Druce, who is a new twist on the characters origins. In the comics, Hunter's mentor was in fact Booster Gold, who even turned out to be his father at one point. According to the character description: "Druce is a respected member of the time council who was Rips first mentor at the Time Master Academy. He is a seasoned Time Master who is accustomed with mediating conflicts throughout history. Druce finds himself faced with his greatest challenge when he is tasked to find Rip and convince him to abandon his hunt for Vandal Savage (Casper Crump). If he can't convince his former pupil and the Legends to give up their quest, he may be forced to kill the man he looked upon as a son."

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