[Arrow] #403 - Restoration

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Thea and Laurel arrive in Nanda Parbat, as they try to resurrect Sarah, who has been dead long ago and we see how Malcolm has taken over as the new Ra’s al Ghul. Furthermore, Darkh is sending out a metahuman to chase down the Green Arrow with the person, who killed Diggle’s brother, finally showing her face after all these years. Furthermore, Diggle and Oliver are trying to finally patch up their destroyed relationship ever since the event under Ra’s al Ghul. Could they fix it?

What out for that spoiler arrow! You can never know when it will...Ow! Hit me right in the hip! Why, oh why me?! Crap, here is the spoiler arrow anyway.

First off, this story truly was more focused on seeing the strained relationship between Diggle and Oliver get fixed up, as ever since he abducted Diggle’s child they just never could get along as much as they use to. While I think that it was a great choice to fix their relationship this early on, it does seem strange that Diggle held that much of a problem towards Oliver and it somehow never got fixed over the course when their lives have calmed down. Somehow that “off” time Oliver and Felicity had was never truly touched upon as much as I wished it was, as I would have loved to know how Oliver, a man who went through everything he did, could just turn it all off for that time.

The metahuman this time around was great, as Jeremy Tell’s power of turning his tattoes into weapons was great, but I wish they would have at least done a bit more than playing cards, as this concept just offers so much variety. Still, I was glad they didn’t kill him off, or have Darkh kill him, as they can still do a lot with that concept. Having the person who had Diggle’s brother killed off though murdered by Darkh felt like a bad choice. I really believe that they should have had Diggle confront her finally, especially after he constantly was chasing her down. It just felt anti-climactic to me and it would have been nice to see the story just pay off more for Diggle.

Seeing Sarah get resurrected was nice, but knowing that Constantine will appear later on, it seems more like it is building up that crossover. Seeing Thea forced to kill someone was a nice touch to show that Malcolm means well in his own evil way. My only problem is taht Laurel seems to have gone back to her original character 

This episode was rather scarce, while it was great seeing Felicity take on a role at her company, sadly it just seems like a way to integrate Michael Holt as much as possible, but it was interesting to see Tell attack them directly and him uncovering about the temporary Arrow cave in the basement. It was a nice touch to get him more involved and I do personally hope to see how he slowly becomes a part of Team Arrow, as he is just a lot of fun to watch and has some great scenes in general. Sadly, he feels like the sidekick’s sidekick for now, but I am sure will evolve with the season.

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