Did Batman v Superman Trailer Reveal Too Much?

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Too many if you ask me personally, but let us get into that later on. Still, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (that title gets longer every time) released its third trailer, which gives us a deeper look into the film and may potentially showcase the fight between the titular characters. Sadly, it seems that this trailer has given out too much than it can chew as while the film will be published in April, we already have our third trailer so far with the last one being around four minutes. What reveals were in this trailer?

Be careful, while I have no deeper insight into the film, this article may contain spoilers of the upcoming film due to theories I am creating in this article. If you enjoy theories and outlandish ideas than continue reading, otherwise keep that spoiler warning in mind as you continue.

The beginning of the trailer is actually quite a clever one, as you have Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent facing each other without their masks. Two men on opposite sides of an opinion just having a heated discussion about what exactly one can consider the right choice when it comes to actions of a vigilante. Bruce had the upper hand considering that while Clark trying to point out the evil of Batman, but at the same time Superman gets a lot of fluff pieces on the paper. My only real issue was that it made no sense for Clark Kent not to know who Bruce Wayne was. Still, I do like how this conversation plays with the fact that to some degree they probably know about each other’s alter egos. If Louis Lane can figure it out, you can be sure Batman knows!

Oh, Jesse Eisenberg is playing Jesse Eisenberg. While I think it is an interesting twist on his original character and the red hair looks fine, I am not a fan of the idea that he seems to want these two people to fight. It almost seems as if he knew that Bruce Wayne was Batman and I do not like that fact, especially the obvious “You do not want to start a fight with this guy!”. Also, how come Kent knows Lex Luthor, but has no idea who Bruce Wayne is? Doesn’t that seem odd?

Anyone else find it funny that Batman is literally branding people in this new interpretation of the franchise? Personally I can actually kind of understand this concept, as it would make sense for him to try to leave his brand behind and make sure that the bad guys understand what they are doing. I mean, I think they would rather have him burn a little mark into them rather than his typical breaking every single bone in their body. Also, maybe the Joker has a lot of tattoos trying to cover the brand she had sustained over the many fights?

The trailer mostly expands on things we have already seen about the battle between Batman and Superman, while overlaying some interesting monologues of Lex Luther that does point out that he is simply in this whole film because he wants to see something happen. It seems that he believes he is so smart that he is stronger than everyone else and wants to see these “caped crusaders” take each other out.

My biggest, or really only gripe with this trailer is the fact that they already showcase the fact that an incarnation of Doomsday is going to appear in this film. While I am still excited to see this entire fight happen, as Doomsday is an interesting character, I do believe that he won’t kill Superman due to the Justice League film heading our way and the fact that the trailer already showcases Wonder Woman joining the fight in the third act. What bothers me about this last part is not that it gives away the film structure, as besides the strange nightmare portion we have seen glimpses of, it seems to have a very clear three act structure. My personal issue is the fact that the title “Batman v Superman” is completely pointless at this point. We know they will make up, join Wonder Woman and start fighting Doomsday. While this isn’t the first time we saw this type of storyline, I just wanted to be surprised on how they get together or how their fights come to an end. It just now seems to clear to me and if anyone ever saw J. J. Abrams fantastic “mystery box” principle for film might know why this trailer bothers me. It is similar to how Terminator: Geneysis took away its biggest twist in the trailer making it lose in worth and surprise.

I still enjoy this trailer and really am looking forward to the film, I just fear that it took away the big “stuff is about to go down” moment for me personally. Same happened with the new Terminator film and I just don’t want this to happen to one of my personal favorite superheroes of all time, Batman. For now, all we can do is wait for the last four months.

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