[IAoS] #01 - Strange Introductions

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Chapter #01
Strange Introductions

There is always a defining moment in everyone’s life. That one moment where you need to prove that you are truly worth something. One man stands before his fate trying to uncover what he is truly made of. Is it possible for him to truly prove his worth? Is there anything standing in his way to truly become the man he was meant to be? His dreams are finally coming true, but now he has to pull it together or else he might end up letting this chance pass by.
“Oooh god, why did I decide to do this?” Isaac said out loud while staring over the railing while trying to keep his stomach together so that he doesn’t lose his breakfast. “Don’t know what fascinates me the most, the fact that you managed to hold it in this long, or avoided anyone figuring it out in the evaluation!” James stated while holding on to his friend who might have contemplated to jump overboard so that he could feel something again in his stomach. “Dooon’t even think about it! You wanted to grab the opportunity so you are going to live with it!”
“Well, pardon me for not knowing I could seasick this easily! At least it can’t get any worst than this!”  James patted his friend on the back with a grin on his face while noticing someone wildly waving over to them. “You two! Time to get inside! NOW!” Isaac finally turned away from the railing while holding his stomach. “What’s going on?” he wondered as suddenly the floor under their feet started to shake like crazy. “Oh why did I open my mouth?” Isaac murmured as he noticed that the aircraft carrier they were on suddenly started growing turbines that were coming out of the water. “I guess I should have told you about that!” James said while laughing s he was helping Isaac hold his footing, as he was trying to keep himself from throwing up. “This is much worse, oh lord, this is my nightmare!” Isaac kept murmuring to himself as they were pushed into the ship by one of the crewmembers outside bringing everyone inside.
“So here we are!” James said laughing as he realized that Isaac didn’t catch himself after being shoved inside and was now on his knees. “That bad huh?” Isaac with his face towards the floor simply nodded as James helped him up and then just randomly slapped him in the face. “The hell was that for?” Isaac shouted trying to check if his jaw was still intact. “A sign for you to get yourself together! You wanted this to happen so pull yourself together! You wanted to step out of the boring ol’ office and here you are!”
“Yeah, I mean, I always wanted to work in a flying hunk of death trap! What dreams to have!” Isaac’s sarcastic reaction got him another slap in the face with James laughing as he continued down the hallway. “You were seeking some more excitement in your life, well, welcome to my world!” James said as he waved Isaac to follow him. “Does your world always involve some slapping this early in the morning?” Isaac asked only for James to instantly reacted with: “Depends on the morning!” he said with his laugh is echoing down the hall and Isaac shaking his head.
“Alright, first off we need to get you into a uniform!” which confused Isaac a little as he assumed suits is the classic uniform for an agent. “When you are on a Helicarrier you have to wear a uniform, directors orders!” Those words left Isaac behind quite confused, but he doesn’t have a high enough clearance level to even question that fact. “You got your assignment and everything, right?” Isaac nodded while pulling out a piece of paper. “Got it right here. Seems I was assigned to...work in...wait an archive? Looky there, from one desk job to another...” Isaac said while sighing away as he was still having a hard time keeping his balance with the entire place still slightly shaking. “Look at it this way, you need to start somewhere my friend!” James said as he noticed Isaac was walking a bit slowly behind him. His stomach felt a bit shaken up as he realized that they are flying further up into the air. “You know when that weird movie kept calling that giant bird “as big as a battleship”? I don’t think they thought someone would take it literally!” James laughed as he tried to figure out what exactly the name of the film was before Isaac threw in “Man I really need to re-watch The Giant Claw again.” While Isaac was reminiscing about a movie he watched not too long ago, James simply shook his head at his friend’s fascination with film. “The guy is on a flying aircraft carrier and all he can do is make a reference to an old black-and-white film! I remember you forcing me to watch that thing!” While they kept walking down the halls with various agents passing by them, Isaac simply responded with an “I thought you enjoyed it, Karin certainly seemed to be having fun!” James turned around giving a look that made one thing quite clear, she did not enjoy it. “You are lucky my wife is a very patient woman, but...” He hesitated for a second before confessing that “...Yeah she actually enjoyed how bad it was!”
“Then I did my job!” Isaac said proudly as someone walked past him staring as if he was trying to figure out what kind of people are on this ship. “Congratulations, well now it is time for you to finally get in uniform. We are here!” he said as he lead Isaac towards his locker with his uniform he got fitted for and it was strange seeing it in front of him. He always worked at the offices at headquarters and wore a suit almost every single day, so this was an interesting change. Actually, he realized that in both cases everyone is wearing the same thing so in the end it was not that different after all. He started sensing a running theme of unity here, but a job is a job.
“I wanted to ask you, how is Karin doing? I haven’t seen her in a while!” Isaac thought that maybe starting some small talk would make the awkwardness of two men changing in the same room a bit less awkward. “She just started her new job so we’ll see if this one will stick!” James answered while sticking a new picture of his wife on the inside of his locker door, which was already filled to the brim making it difficult to find another spot. “A slight obsession there?” Isaac asked him only for James to respond with “Coming from the guy who was in a tent outside a movie theater last week!” which managed to quiet down Isaac. “Fine, we all have our own little obsessions!”  Both of them simply laughed as they finally got their uniforms on.
“Alright, I was assigned to bring you to the archive and then I am going to head out as well. So, follow me!” James said as they continued walking through the corridors. On their way, Isaac was fascinated what different type of people or rooms could be found in this place. While it did look massive from the outside, but once you set foot into this behemoth you truly realize what you have become a part of. Sitting at his office at one of the many headquarters you feel like a typical office drone for every other company, but once you set foot in this you realize that there was more to this entire organization than one thought at first. He would certainly enjoy it much more if the entire place wasn’t constantly shaking slightly making him nauseous about being on board of this place.
“Well, we are finally here! Welcome to the Archive!” James said as he knocked on the door that was well hidden deep within the corridors of this place. After someone from within the office asked them to enter, they walked into a massive room that was filled with what seemed to be filled to the brim with a variety of records and documents. A short chill of terror went down his spine as he wondered if he would have to sort all of these documents. In the middle of the room there was a desk that had stacks of documents piling up. “Someone here?” James asked while trying to look around that massive pile. “Of course, coming! Coming! Don’t worry!!” echoed from one side of the room as suddenly someone holding a stack of documents, which were promptly just placed on the table that was already exploding due to the amount of papers.
“How can I help you?” asked a young lady with a bright smile on her face. “I am delivering a new transfer to your department. Let me introduce an old friend of mine, this guy right here is Isaac and he will be helping you guys out here. I leave him in your care!” James aid as he quickly waved goodbye as he left the room with a grin on his face as if he had just fed him to some lions. As Isaac turned around he realized the bright grin on the face of the lady in front of him. “Isaac, right? From this day forward I will be your, Supervising Officer, here! You can call me Madam SO from this day for...” but before she could finish her sentence another person appeared and bonked her on the head before she could finish. “Don’t mind her! She has been waiting to make someone her subordinate for a while even if she is one herself.” A lady smoking scolded the younger girl from before as she then paid attention once again to Isaac, who felt slightly left behind by James without any true warning. “The name is Kate Lorain, I am going to be your actual SO while you are here so if you have any questions please ask them now!” she said with a stern voice, which ended up catching Isaac off guard as he hadn’t really thought of anything to ask as soon as he arrived. “Alright, time’s up!” Wait what? That was just a few seconds, no one can think up a question at that speed! “This little monster here is Sarah...” before she could finish Sarah shouted out “Classified! My last name shall be the biggest mystery you must solve to prove you are allowed to work here!” Isaac felt as if he had truly stepped on a landmine that wasn’t far off from exploding if he just said a single word at the moment.
“Naveen, her last name is Naveen!” someone suddenly said as another person appeared from behind the stacks of papers that were shielding him from anyone noticing him in the room. “Come on Nathan! Where is the fun in that?” Sarah shouted annoyed as she stormed off back to wherever she had first appeared from. “She will cool down in a sec! Hey, the names Nathan Lord!” Isaac greeted his stretched hand and smiled thinking that just maybe he had found one person that won’t force him to walk on eggshells while working here. “Enough of the formalities! We have an introduction tradition here and Isaac, you’re new here!” Kate said with a gigantic grin on her face. Damn you James, you picked this place on purpose, didn’t you?
“Alright newbie, here is the rule. I am going to ask you questions about you, if I don’t like the answer, well....you’ll find out!” Oh, I am royally screwed aren’t I? “Alright, first question....what did you do before you got here?” That’s the first question? I thought she was going to ask something much worse. “Up until now I worked in the PR department so...” Suddenly, Kate splashed him with a cup of water and just added a “Don’t care! What did you do before you got on board?” she asked as she stared into his soul with an intensity that felt like he was a touch away of turning to ice. “I...I met up my friend James who guided me on board!” Here comes the water! Wait, she actually looked a bit satisfied with that answer. “Alright, where do you know James from?” I thought this was about me? “I knew him before he joined the academy. We went to the same high school together, but while I went to a local university he decided to join the academy. We stayed in contact and ironically I somehow ended up working for...” There was the missing water splash from before. “Whatever, most important question now. If you don’t give me an answer I want to hear, I will zap you!” she said as she pulled out a Taser, which she then gave to Sarah, who suddenly had a sinister look in her eyes. “O..kay what is it?” Isaac asked while knowing that no matter what he will say, he will probably get to learn much about electricity than he ever truly wanted to. “Is...” Wait a minute! I am completely soaked. “your friend, James,...” If I get hit by the Taser I am doomed! “...seeing anyone?” Kate asked while slightly blushing. “Wait, do you have a crush on James?” Isaac asked confused about the matter only for him to land another glass of water in the face. “I am asking for a  friend!” the strong-willed lady in front of him said as if she worked by the logic of a high school girl. While he just met her, that stern personality seemed to have disappeared as soon as she asked about James. “I hate to break it to you, but...he is married!” he said without thinking of the ramifications of him revealing that fact to someone who seems to have a crush. “Damnit, I knew it!” she said while slowly walking away that made Isaac sigh in relief as if he had avoided the trouble of getting zapped to death. “Oh, Sarah he is all yours!” she said before walking to her office that was just a desk in the corner of the room leaving a demonic Sarah in control of Isaac’s life. “Well, well...looks like I am not your SO, but you are under my control!” she said while her grin kept growing on her face. “Is this necessary? I mean, we are all civilized here, aren’t we?” he asked while trying to slowly backing away from her, but luckily to him Nathan intervened and grabbed her before something could happen. “The show is over, time to get back to work!” he said as he took the Taser out of her hands and threw a mop towards Isaac.
“First day on the job, could you mop up the mess Kate made and don’t worry, she splashes everyone with water on their first day. You were the unlucky bastard who actually knows James, she had a crush on him ever since they both were together in the academy.” Isaac was confused, as James never told him much about his time at the academy. To him it was just an obscure time in the life of his friend that was never truly talked about. Was there something that happened between them that made him try to forget this time? “Do you remember where you changed?” to which Isaac simply nodded. “When you are done just head over there, you should have a fresh uniform ready for you! When you are done just come back here and I’ll give you something to do!” Nathan said with a smile before disappearing behind the pile of papers. While mopping the floor Isaac was wondering what else was heading his way after starting the day off with getting water splashed on his face and being seasick. Oh crap, just thinking about that fact he felt the shaking of the Helicarrier once more and felt a slight movement in his stomach. Somehow he missed the distraction from before again, but he knew he would get use to it. Now he isn’t just an employee at a random office, for the first time he actually felt like he was actually part of S.H.I.E.L.D. and not just a usual office drone.

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