Is There A New Prehistoric Contender Entering Cinemas?

5:48 AM Joseph Aberl 0 Comments

If anyone thinks about classic movies featuring killer sharks they will most certainly look back fondly at Steven Spielberg’s Jaws. While this is the most famous film featuring sharks there have been a variety of others such as the Jaws sequels, the bizarre Sharknado trilogy, Deep Blue Sea or the SyFy Shark themes films for example the bizarre concept of Sharktopus. With all these different types of shark films it seems that one more will be added to the list very soon.

According to Variety, director Eli Roth is currently in talks to direct “Meg”, a concept that has been in development for 20 years to adapt the New York Times bestseller with the same name by Steve Alten. Belle Avery will produce through Apelles Entertainment alongside Cllin Wilson with Maeday Productions. The screenplay was adapted by Dean Georgaris from the novel.[1]

As mentioned previously the film has had an extensive development, as it started off at Disney back in 1997, but after the bombing of Deep Blue Sea was not turned into a film. Speculation seems to state that the recent success of Jurassic World has reinvigorated the interest in this franchise, as it focuses on a living prehistoric shark known as the Megaladon.