Secret Warriors Are Joining The Agents of SHIELD

5:20 PM Joseph Aberl 0 Comments

Seems that the theories we have all started behind the true nature of Project Caterpillar back in the finale of Agents of SHIELD second season have come to pass. It is officially confirmed that the Secret Warriors are indeed going to be a part of the upcoming season.[1] This reveal was slowly teased over a couple of days through secret messages hidden in pictures that were spread through Twitter and Instagram until the reveal was exclusively revealed by Variety with the Secret Warriors inside the SHIELD logo. If they will receive their own logo is a question of time, but the biggest question remains what characters will be joining this new team in the upcoming season.

In an earlier article I have mentioned a variety of characters that could potentially join the team and speculations are starting. Hopefully we might receive a hint via a video message by the Koenig brothers, similar to the one last year that revealed Mockingbird is joining the team. As of now we are still waiting for further confirmation if characters such as Slingshot, Stonewall, Manifold, Druid, Phobos or even if Grant Ward might turn into the pyrotechnic Hellfire in the show, as many are still speculating, but until then we can enjoy speculating what the future of Agents of SHIELD is still holding for us.

Anyone who wants to become a part of the Secret Warriors actually has the chance by posting photos wearing a special Secret Warriors pin with the hashtag #SHIELDSecretWarriors  at this years San Diego Comic Con from Thursday, July 9 until July 11. So, if you are attending this year then be sure to keep a lookout for those pins and on the opportunity to join the fray.

What are your thoughts on the matter? Looking forward to the Secret Warriors? Who do you hope is joining the team? Leave a comment below!