Some Thing Is Entering Gotham To Aid Gordon, Or Is He?

3:50 PM Joseph Aberl 0 Comments

The second season of Gotham is getting quite a large cast together, as a new addition has made its rounds today. According The Hollywood Reporter, Michae Chiklis, who many will either remember as The Thing in the first Fantastic Four films and Vic Mackey in The Shield, has joined the cast and will become a major player in the upcoming season.[1]

Given the character description as the character named Captain Nathaniel Barnes “lands on the GCPD like a tornado, ripping out the dead wood of Gotham’s police force. He is a law and order zealot; unafraid of making enemies – on either side of the law. For Gordon, Barnes is a hero and a mentor, someone with whom he can share the burden of heroism. Captain Barnes proves himself to be a strong ally to Gordon…but one day he will make an equally powerful enemy.”

Quite interesting that they already reveal the twist for the character, but one thing is certainly interesting. It seems that Gordon’s view of the police force will be shared by Chiklis’ character, but it seems that at one point their perspectives will differ leading to them becoming enemies. After the first season, one would think that Gordon would have a break from fighting the GCPD instead of criminals.

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[1] Cf. Goldberg (2015):, Dated: 24.07.2015.