Could Rom: Spaceknight Be Joining The Guardians In Vol. 2?

11:00 AM Joseph Aberl 0 Comments

According to The Daily Superhero it seems that according to a close source that is involved in the productiontstate that the Spaceknights will be appearing in the sequel. Naturally they also pointed out a fact that Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn had already mentioned a while back that he was most certainly interested in the character.[1]

„Listen, I really lov eRom: Spaceknight, as everyone at Marvel knows because they’ve given me Rom stuff...but we don’t own Rom. I would love for Rom: Spaceknight to show up because I love his story, I love the way he looks, I love everything about him...“ the director stated in a previous interview.

As it was unsure who hold the rights to the character it could be that just maybe they got the rights back from the Sony deal with Spider-Man, but this is just speculation and a rumor so take it with a grain of salt. One could assume that him making the film a massive success would have pushed Marvel Studios to make his dream of using the character a reality, but only time will tell.

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