[Scream Queens] #102 - Hell Week

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Having a two-hour premiere the follow-up seems to have less going on than the first did. Especially considering the title is Hell Week, I was having a hard time trying to see this entire episode happening over the course of one whole week. Still, it does continue some fun elements from the first episode while having some better deaths scenes this time around that don’t overstay their welcome, but will the second episode keep me watching?

Once again, the spoiler section of the review will start here so keep that in mind once you continue reading. I will get into spoilers of the episode so be warned.

The dean of the university is pissed off regarding the current wave of power given to students due to the usage of Social Media and how everyone tries to abuse the fact they knew a person that knew the victim. While a great scene it felt a bit disappointing that for a two-hour premiere it didn’t interconnect with the last scene from the pilot episode. We see the repercussions of what happened to the deaf girl with her head getting sliced, but we sadly do not get to see what happened afterwards. Why did the Red Devil just kill her and drive off? Who found them? Were they stuck there with the dead girl all night until someone found them? Leaving that open just opened so many questions in my head.

Still, we see that the sorority now is required to have a bodyguard and security, but naturally to keep tension high they aren’t allowed to leave the school. It seems like the dean is trying to keep everything a secret while Chanel remembers that Ariana Grande’s corpse was still lying in her room. I confess I thought it was hilarious that they kind of just left the body there for no apparent reason and Braceface appears with once again some of the strangest lines in the entire episode. It seems she has a fascination with the dead, almost similar to Chanel’s boyfriend Chad, played by Glen Powell.

After an awkward transportation of the body back to the cooler, which seems to be the go-to place for dead people at this university, we are back to following Grace, who is trying to figure out what exactly is going on together with Pete (Diego Boneta) and they end up kissing. As much as they are trying to play off the fact that it is bad to make out while people are dying, but it already seemed a bit rushed in my opinion. Especially with this episode already revealing to us that the Red Devil costume is in Pete’s possession and he is the School’s mascot. Oh no, what a red herring! Still, this is a series one shouldn’t take too serious as it the show tries to go through classic horror movie tropes as fast as possible playing homage. Hell, the opening to the episode actually sounds like the famous Friday the 13th theme of Jason, so it isn’t trying to hide the fact it is paying homage.

We shortly meet Grace’s father once again trying to get her out of the university, which makes sense considering there is a killer on the loose, but the dean tries to keep her there. The common joke is that a girl losing a year of university and leaving her sisterhood behind would destroy her reputation. I do enjoy the fact that “destroying her reputation” is worse by taking her out of the university than her father openly stalking her and becoming a teacher. Also, him starting a romance with the girl trapped in the 90s due to their shared love of 90s cheese is kind off out of nowhere, but still quite a fun addition. Especially with the dean trying to get him in her bed as well, which feels like an interesting spin of having the adults act like teenagers.

The best scene in the whole episode wasn’t the actual murders that happened in the end or even the reveal behind one death scene that I don’t even want to spoil in the spoiler-ish review, but the introduction of Denise Hemphill (Niecy Nash). The security guard for Kappa Kappa Tau, who is terrible at her job and it was the perfect kind of over-the-top. The way she talked and trying to find a way to explain how one can reach her, but the fact that it is more complicated to reach here so that she can call the police and even Chanel questioning it was a fun scene. Also, when she is called in for action she is terrible at it.

Oh yeah, this was about Hell Week wasn’t it? That part was okay I guess, seemed like a way to get the girls into their underwear at one point. It was supposed to be a joke of the hazing rituals that sororities commonly have, something we don’t have in Europe, but it never really focused enough on it. It just seemed pointless to cram the entire hazing ritual into one episode and not abusing the fact that it could lead to some creative kills outside of the actual first episode’s last scene. Oh well, it still is a solid episode with the same cheesy humor and I am curious what direction it will go after the short scene at the end revealing that some things aren’t quite like they seem.

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