Steven Spielberg's DreamWorks/Disney Deal Coming To An End?

11:00 AM Joseph Aberl 0 Comments

Steven Spielberg has proven to still be a major driving force in the film industry, especially considering Jurassic World’s recent success, which also gave him the possibility to work out his distribution deal for DreamWorks shortly before the original deal from 2009 expires in August 2016. With this, the upcoming Roald Dahl film adaption The BFG, which will be directed by Spielberg, will be the last film released under this Disney deal.[1]

What does this mean for Spielberg? Well, from that point on he will return to his office at Universal Studios, which ironically is still there even as DreamWorks was distributing films through Paramount or Disney.  It seems Universal wants him on to further develop the upcoming sequels for Jurassic World while also potentially rebooting classic franchises, but there is no word on if they will also start distributing DreamWorks products.

This is a great possibility for DreamWorks, as the company has been fighting hard to stay financially afloat. The Indian giant Reliance has been a considerable financial backer, but recent films such as Delivery Man or Need for Speed haven’t proven fruitful and the company is currently on the search for a new distribution partner.

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