The Muppets Lost Its Showrunner?

3:49 PM Joseph Aberl 0 Comments

In ABC news, it seems that The Muppets might have been fighting a battle internally. The official showrunner behind the series, the Anger Management veteran Bill Prady has officially stepped down from his role. It seems like there might have been some creative differences, as the show currently had a strong focus on more adult-oriented humor that may have rubbed some people the wrong way.[1]

So, what does this mean for the television show? Well it seems writer Kristin Newman, who has worke don The Neighbors and How I Met Your Mother might step up as showrunner and it seems that after the Winter break, it could see a soft reboot. Maybe they are trying to fight against the common complaints that have surfaced with many still confused by the more adult-oriented humor the show uses. I personally have no problem with it and looking at The Big Bang Theory, another show Bill Prady worked on, it seems to be a staple for the showrunner.

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