A Electrifying New Agent Reports For Duty

2:58 PM Joseph Aberl 0 Comments

It seems Agents of SHIELD Week here on Archive Media was extended by one day with the recent cast addition for the upcoming third season. As I stated in an earlier article, I have my own theories on the show taking a new look at adding more powered characters to their repertoire while also slowly building up towards what at this point could be a television version of the Secret Warriors or Avengers, depending on what the executive producers decide to call the team that will spring from project Caterpillar. With recent cast additions it seems that we are slowly heading more and more into that direction.

Lincoln Campell (Luke Mitchell) will be joining as a new series regular in the upcoming season[1], which will certainy explore the characters past, which had been hinted at in the last season finale. Luke Mitchell has become famous for playing John Young on The Tomorrow People and will be seen in the movie 7 Minute, which will be released on the 26th June 2015.

Will he be one of the first recruits for Project Caterpillar or are they planning to explore the character from a different standpoint, especially considering his relationship with Skye as the only other Inhuman on the show. Maybe he will be able to be the character that allows deeper exploration of the Inhuman mythology hinted at in the second season. Also with him joining the regular cast anyone hoping “The Man who Kills Gordon” will also join the regular cast?

What are your thoughts on the addition to the cast? Any storylines you are hoping to explore with this character? Leave a comment below!