Are Jurassic World Sequels Happening?

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Looks like Jurassic Week didn’t want to go down so easily, as here we have a small news roundup for Jurassic World shortly after its release. It seems as if some question I have voiced during my trip through Jurassic Park and its latest sequel have also been tackled to a certain degree, which makes me truly wonder what future this franchise has and if just maybe Jurassic Week will return some time in the near future. Before I drift too far off let us dig into the two news pieces regarding Jurassic World.

Prehistoric or Millenial Box Office?
One thing is for sure, Jurassic World has proven to be quite a box office draw as according to latest reports[1] it globally opened with a $ 511.8 million in its opening weekend, the highest opening weekend intake for a film so far. This means that not only did it make its money back, but it also managed to probably cover its marketing costs meaning that any more money it takes in will be pure profit for Universal.
This is quite a successful year for Universal Studios, as alongside Furious 7 they have two of the three highest grossing films this year so far. Furthermore, Jurassic World make $ 204.6 million besting the recent behemoth of a franchise Avengers: Age of Ultron that made around $191.3 million. Only question remains if it can keep these numbers up with the upcoming weekend or will it face a steep drop? Question remains if nostalgia was the driving force behind these numbers and if the mixed reception might backfire in the coming weeks.

Chris Pratt Already Signed?
It seems that we might already see some potential Jurassic World sequels heading our way as Chris Pratt has already signed up for additional films in the franchise.[2] Jokingly stating that he has signed up for 38 films shows his enthusiasm for upcoming projects and with the before-mentioned box office numbers, it certainly seems like this might truly happen. Anyone who has read my review of the film here knows that I quite enjoyed a film and am curious what stories they are planning for the sequels.

There you have the two latest news regarding Jurassic World and it seems that a prehistoric franchise is certainly coming back for a long future. Moreover, this bodes well for another returning franchise with Star Wars: The Force Awakens and might be the potentially next film that could take over the first spot from Jurassic World. Maybe that neostalgia article wasn’t so far off after all.

What are your opinions on this?  What did you think of the movie? Leave your thoughts and comments below!