Has Marvel's Luke Cage Found Its Villain?

3:20 PM Joseph Aberl 0 Comments

While Jessica Jones is only a few weeks away from ending production, it seems that Luke Cage will be starting its production in a few weeks. While the titular character has already been cast for his appearance in Jessica Jones, it seems that Mike Colter might already have found the villain he will be going up against.

The showrunner Cheo Hodari Choker[1] seems to have his eyes on a character named Cornell Cottonmouth according to Heroic Hollywood. He played an important part of the characters history during his time as Power Man, but it is unsure if the character will be the main villain or take on a role similar to what Leland Owlsley had in Daredevil.[2]

What is interesting about the character is that he has important ties in the history of Luke Cage, as the heroin to frame the hero was from his organization. What will be interesting is if his ties to Willis Tryker, who is also known as Diamondback in the comics, will be involved in the upcoming series.

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