Is Lionsgate Working On A Naruto Movie?

2:19 PM Joseph Aberl 0 Comments

Probably what has proven to be one of the most succesful manga and anime series besides One Piece and Bleach, Naruto has come to an end not too long ago. With only a small spin-off series that worked like a epilogue to the series and a movie focusing on Naruto’s son Boruto coming out in Japan, it seems that Lionsgate saw the opportunity to adapt the manga series as a film. It certainly seems interesting that they have decided to produce the series after its successful run has come to an end.[1]

That isn’t all, as it seems there is interest for Michael Gracey to direct the film, who is currently in talks with Lionsgate. Also, Avi Arad, the former Marvel Studios head, is planning to produce the film with the Arad Productions company.

During the Sony Hack it was rumored that Kevin Feige wanted no involvement of Avi Arad in the new Spider-Man reboot, which could be a dangerous sign for the project, but the film has no script as of now, so it can potentially go in any direction

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