Is A Defender Already Facing Some Issues?

2:08 PM Joseph Aberl 0 Comments

I promise this is my last Marvel article for the day, as after stating that Daredevil season two has already started production, it seems there is a slight issue with another hero, who was planned to join the Defenders at one point. Luke Cage has already found its Executive Producer and Showrunner in Cheo Hodari Coker[1] and Jessica Jones might be nearing the end of its production, one last hero remains with some issues regarding how they should handle him.

According to Birth.Movies.Death. Iron Fist is having some issues due to its more mystical elements. While many elements were hinted at during the first season of Daredevil with the introduction of Madame Gao and her drug factory featuring the symbol of Steel Serpent, who is an Iron Fist villain. Yet the issue remains that the character has more mystical elements to him, such as his glowing hands and his entire background.[2]

While this can change at any time as soon as a decision is made, but it certainly raises the question how they will manage to do so. Daredevil was extremely grounded into reality, so the mystic elements could be difficult, but considering that Jessica Jones was once a superhero and Cage has impenetrable skin, so with their introduction it may be easier to envision the character’s future in the franchise.

What do you think? Would this be an issue for you if the character would be more mystical than the rest? Leave your thoughts below!