Is Phobos Joining Agents of SHIELD Already?

12:25 PM Joseph Aberl 0 Comments

It seems I may have missed something after announcing the return of Dr. Elliot Randolph in Agents of SHIELD, as it seems Spencer Treat Clark, a Whedon regular, might in fact be playing a famous Secret Warrior characters in the upcoming second episode of Agents of SHIELD titled “Purpose in the Machine”. According to the official press release, he is stated to be playing a character named Alexander, but no more information is given beyond that. This is a great hint, as Phobos’ name in the comics was Alexander Aaron when approached as a human.

The Secret Warrior’s will be an ongoing storyline throughout the upcoming seasons of Agents of SHIELD, something that Jeph Loeb had teased in an earlier interview, but seeing a famous member of the team so early could show that we might even see others join throughout Season 3? Phobos’ existence could once again have a similar effect as the introduction of Inhumans had, as he is the son of Ares and with that introducing other incarnations of Gods outside of the Asgardians. Hopefully we get to see this character interact with Randolph, an Asgardian, to see the how these “Gods” co-exist.

What do you think? Is he playing Phobos and will we see Ares or Hercules appear? Leave a comment below!

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