A 70s Addition To Agent Carter?

3:37 PM Joseph Aberl 0 Comments

While we believed that Agent Carter has already assembled its entire cast, but now it seems we have another confirmation for a new addition to the upcoming second season. Kurtwood Smith, who many might remember form the That ‘70s Show has officially joined the cast in a major recurring role. His character is called Vernon Masters and while it is unsure where his allegiances lie, it seems he is a veteran of the War Department, who knows how to use the system.[1]

This is actually a reunion for the actor, who has worked on the ABC show Resurrectoin with Tara Butters and Michele Fazekas before, so it is nice seeing them bring in some familiar actors. Sadly, while a new cast addition is confirmed, it seems that Lindsy Fonseca has not been contacted to return for her role in the upcoming season, but this can still potentially change.

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