[Agents of SHIELD] #304 - Devils You Know

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Agents of SHIELD has been firing from all cylinders this week as we finally get to see how Hunter’s plan turns out on finding Ward, while May is forced to face her former lover once again and Coulson’s partnership with the ATCU is tested. We also slowly are uncovering the reality behind Inhuman Lash and some new revelations are given in regards to the character, while also another mystery builds itself up. We also get a bit more of a look inside of Simmons mind as we are slowly nearing the reality of what had happened to her on that blue planet. Was it worth the wait?

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This was an episode that almost felt like wrapping up one subplot to only expand it’s biggest one so far. The focus mainly was on Lash, but while I thought it was sad we didn’t uncover much of his background besides the fact that he seems almost burdened with having to kill the Inhumans, it was nice to see that he actually had a “friend” of sorts. While I wish we understood more what was behind their relationship, I thought it was a creative idea to introduce an Inhuman, who breaks out every time he gets near another one of his own species. Was quite an interesting concept that I wished played out longer, but was a great way to show that these gifts aren’t always gifts, a similarity both Lash and the new Inhuman shared, which I thought was a nice touch to the story in general.

Also, it was nice to see a returning Inhuman from the last season finale and it was quite interesting to see her work together with SHIELD. I am hoping we actually get to find out why exactly, but it was a nice addition and there is still no word regarding the Secret Warriors but enough Inhumans to fill the ranks, or so it seems? It is quite a strange thing that this is looming over the franchise and it may have been a bit too early to market the season with the Secret Warriors tagline without any actual members joining even though we are already at Episode 4. First member by mid-season might be actually a bit too late if they want to keep people long-term!

Man, if Coulson and Rosalind don’t have some fantastic chemistry in this show. I am curious if we will see these two become more than just acquaintances, as they don’t only play off of each other very well, but do have a lot of things in common. I could see the ATCU falling apart with Rosalind finding a new home with SHIELD, or maybe even becoming a founder of a new division known as SWORD: Yes, I am still hanging on to the fact that she is Abigail Brand and you are not going to stop me until I am proven otherwise.

Simmons had a much smaller role in this episode, but given that next one will focus on her I am okay with some characters being sidelined now and then. Still, great seeing Fitz figure it out as fast as he did, which offers us a great lead in into the upcoming episode, but I wonder if his relationship with Bobbi might be torn, as she kept everything a secret from him. Still, was a rather interesting dynamic that changed things up a bit and allowed us to see how possessed she is with returning. The scene between her and Andrew was also a nice moment of getting into her head a bit more.

Speaking of Andrew, that was a shocking reveal at the end of the Hunter chases down Ward storyline. Seeing Hunter take that risk was quite shocking and it will be interesting to see where this goes from this point onward. While the shootout came quite early and fast, I think it showcased the fact that Hunter was simply blindingly trying to hunt down Ward at any cost, even if it is his own life. Hoping to see Coulson get his hands on Hunter and trying to set him right, but as of now we can only wait and see what happens. Still, I have a feeling there is more to Andrew than first meets the eyes, as when a character dies the camera wants us to know this fact, but only seeing his feet could be hiding something we don’t know, especially given Werner’s reaction while running out. That could have also been due to the upcoming explosion, and hope we get to see more of his character in the future as well.

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