[The Blacklist] #303 - Eli Matchett

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Red and Liz are back, as there hands are forced to attack the Cabal directly as they try to uncover a scheme of some farmers, who are trying to steal a corporation’s secret that could help them recover the land they lost to the new generation of controlled crops. Yet while their ambitions are true, everything seems to fall apart as one of their own isn’t what he seems, and our protagonists are trying to uncover the secret as they also wrestle with a way that Ressler might actually stop his manhunt on Kean. Was it worth our time?

Top Secret mission for you, reader! Be wary of Spoiler Alerts that are heading our direction and it is your job to be careful as you keep continuing on this path.

While I always adore James Spader’s performance, seeing him confront one of the Cabal members was fantastic to see and I can’t wait to see how it all comes together in the coming episodes. Yet I have to say this episode was a bit confusing to me as it was a constant back-and-forth but the way it wrapped up at the end did work quite effectively. Also, with the corporation being corrupted, it is a bit of a cliché storyline yet they did manage to make it their own.

My personal issue with this episode is simply how it completely negates all the events from last episode’s final shot. Seeing them on the boat off into the distance didn’t make much sense if you ask me, as it was all about them finally being free, but only for them to return once again. I actually think the story should have gone to Russia, as exploring Kean’s heritage in Russia could have not only allowed for a rather interesting new dynamic, but also just let us see them in a completely new environment. Also, it would have made more sense why they fled the way they did in the last episode.

The Blacklist member of this episode was rather forgettable and it almost seemed like a sad story that only offered a bit of a build up towards what is going to happen in the future. The main Cabal member was more in the background and it would have been nice to have her more involved in the story. Seeing if she is truly corrupted, under the Cabal’s hand or a potential future antagonist Red has to watch out for. It just seems a bit odd to introduce her, let her appear at the end of the episode and then sadly not truly explore her. It isn’t bad, don’t misunderstand me, but I simply think it is a bit of a wasted opportunity.

Denbe is still captured, but isn’t giving anything away and it was nice to see Red try to find out where he is. Shows that they both have a strong bond, but I wish that this episode actually gave us a bit more time with him, and I was a bit confused as I tried to figure out who exactly was the other guy that was thrown in there with him. Former employee of Reddington’s, or was he a potential betrayer? I have no idea, but it did keep me guessing if that was the point of it all.

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