[Agents of SHIELD] #302 - Purpose in the Machine

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Agents of SHIELD is back in style, as the second episode explores the stories behind May’s dissapearance and what Ward has been up to ever since he left. The episode focuses also on Fitz’s struggle to finally save Simmons from the Obelisk, which leads them to visit an old familiar Asgardian face in Dr. Randolph. Together they uncover teh secret history behind the Obelisk, as Hunter’s plan to go after HYDRA is slowly uncovering. Question remains, is it worthy of our time?

Hey you! Yes, you! Congratulations you have reached the official ArchiveMEDIA spoiler warning section. You might have to resist reading this article if you haven’t seen the episode yet. So, congratulations and be warned, this article contains spoilers.

I have to say, it was great to see how Ward has evolved since the last time we saw him. While him stating that he needs a team. The way he proves that his new followers are devoted to him as he drives through a parking garage with all of them standing around. It is a great revelation as soon as you realize it and I actually came to like his right hand man, who I do hope actually returns in future episodes. The greatest revelation was the fact that Alexander, who we originally thought was going to become Phobos, is in fact Werner von Strucker, the son of Baron von Strucker, who sadly met his supposed demise in Avengers: Age of Ultron. The writers saw a massive opportunity and with him as part of the new HYDRA, whose logo I hope will be available online at some point. It adds to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and could allow us to actually see Thomas Kretschman return as Strucker at one point.

It was fun to meet May’s father and find out where she comes from. It seems that she has been strongly influenced by her mother and it would have been nice to see her return in an upcoming episode again. Still, it seems that she will be an important part of Hunter’s mission to take down HYDRA from within, which I actually really like, as it allows us to see what Ward is building up and I can imagine that we will meet some HYDRA members, that aren’t too happy with the new leadership. While it felt more like a build up to whatever Hunter has planned, and I wonder how they will blend in, as I am sure Ward wouldn’t forget their faces that face.

It was nice seeing Andrew again and him psycho-analyzing Daisy was a nice touch to not only get our first mention of project Caterpillar, or now even named as Secret Warriors officially. Still, this week was more focused on Fitz trying to find Simmons and boy, was this as emotional as the last week’s final scene. I am actually amazed how fast they went with this storyline, as she wasn’t gone as long as I thought she would be, but it has certainly left some scars, as she naturally reacts as if she could be killed at any moment. Randolph was great and hopefully will have a bigger role this season, as it seems he has some history with the Inhumans. Could this be our first sign of the Royal Family?

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