[The Flash] #201 - The Man Who Saved Central City

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The Flash finally returns with a look at what exactly happened after the first season’s cliffhanger as Barry has to come to accept the fact that he cannot carry everything on his own. In the meantime, a lot has happened that separated the team and they are trying to come to grips with what has happened ever since. Suddenly, a new attacker is in town trying to kill Barry, but it seems he is just the first of many. Yet the question remains is the new season starting into an interesting direction, or should we fear more than the arrival of Zoom?

Zoom sends his regards with this little spoiler warning. While he is out there trying to kill the Flash, he does actually care much about you dear viewers. So, here is his little spoiler warning and be sure to keep that in mind as you continue reading.

So, let me get one thing off of my chest. It is great to see everyone again, Cisco is fun as always and it was nice that he is the anchor of our favorite characters. Joe is trying to figure out what exactly is going on with Barry, who is actually slowly rebuilding the city at night, going out of his way to at least get the local shops running again. This was actually a fantastic concept, as unlike Tony Stark or Bruce Wayne, he can’t just pay someone to rebuild everything and in his guilt he just learned how to become a handyman. I wonder if that will come to be an important aspect sometime down the road, building something or fixing something to keep a villain in check.

The whole storyline behind this episode was the fact that it wasn’t actually the Flash who saved the city but Firestorm, and it came at a sacrifice as Ronnie was nowhere to be found. While I have the feeling we will see him return in the near future, I do wish that he wasn’t killed off during the mid-season break. The entire last season was about him being lost and as soon as he gets married to his beloved, only for him to get killed off. Yeah, it felt a bit out of place to do this for me personally, even if it was perfect for an arc.

Man, this show also knows how to tug at your heart, as last season’s villain actually shows his humanity by confessing to the murders of his mother. That idea was fantastic as it not only made someone we believed to be a true villain in the last season more human to us, but we finally were able to see his father get out of jail, something he has been pining for ever since he was a child and realized that someone else was behind it, the impossible. It was even a nice touch that his father realized as of now there was no place for him there, even if it was probably more to keep the actor’s appearance at a limit due to the contract.

In total, it was a well done episode with little action, but it didn’t need it. I also have to say that it was extremely well directed, as the episode knew exactly what lighting was necessary to push some emotions to the forefront. The villain was an interesting introduction and it is weird that instead of meta-humans we will now just face various other dimensional characters, but it will be interesting with a hint at Zoom given. I am very curious in what direction they will go next week and if we will meet the big bad. Also, Flash Day was a nice addition, especially when you think about the fact that he will one day get a museum.

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