Fantastic Four Rights Passing Debunked

11:47 AM Joseph Aberl 0 Comments

With the before-mentioned Legion and Hellfire TV show in production, many people were wondering how this deal came to be. As far as we knew the TV rights remained with Marvel, so them making a deal almost made it seem as if Marvel may have regained the rights back. A rumor started floating from Den of Geek that there sources stated that one of the announced mystery projects from 2020 is in fact another reboot of Fantastic Four with them being introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. They even expanded this fact by stating that these rights include the first family, Galactus, Doctor Doom and the Silver Surfer.[1]

Sadly within just a short amount of time, this rumor was already denied by both Marvel and 20th Century Fox, which leaves this entire matter officially debunked. Still, it is interesting to see that they can cooperate. Maybe one day we will see some of these characters pass over into the MCU, but for now we can anticipate the upcoming Spider-Man film.

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