Is This Blog, The Archive Media,...Pointless?

8:36 AM Joseph Aberl 0 Comments

As of late, while I do quite enjoy writing in my blog Archive Media, I have come to realize that there is such a vast amount of blogs and podcasts out there that I almost felt inadequate. While I spend time writing my various articles and try my best to push out interesting content, after a while you do start wondering for whom you are truly trying to invest the time in. Do not worry, I have no plan on quitting my writing, as I quite enjoy trying to let my voice echoes throughout the Internet, no matter how quiet it may be. It simply is a personal reflection upon myself as well as taking a look at a constant growing space filled with countless blogs that focus on various topics. At this point, it makes you wonder if the blog “market” per se has already been saturated?

I should probably start and explain my reasoning for this concept in general. Well, I was surfing the net one day and stumbled upon a list of “Top 10 Marketing Blogs” and was curious to see what people were writing about, as I also try to push out some marketing related content besides my usual film and television focus. Many of these blogs came from experts out of the field that can give much more meaningful content than I probably could due to my lack thereof. It made me wonder if I even had the right to talk about marketing or business-related topics, as while I am a student of the field, I cannot talk about specific topics as if I truly have hands-on appearance, but just give you my subjective opinion.

In tandem with that, I started also finding other blogs that focus on film and television, and there is a massive amount of them. Blogs purely focused on film, some that are made for specific TV shows or even just a blog so that someone can share their opinion on a matter. Some have been around much longer than others, and it naturally made me wonder if the amount of blogs has already reached a point that it is impossible for any blog to truly stick out for being “unique”. Even I question the fact if whatever nonsense I am writing is reaching a strong enough audience to truly justify the fact that I am investing my time into the matter.

Now I know some will try to point out that it isn’t about the views, but in reality about the content that I am trying to put out there. The value comes from the fact that I can voice my own opinion and how that affects us. Gathering experience while writing and slowly building up an audience, and I will certainly not fight you on that thought. It should be about putting out your own content simply because you want to, but it just makes you question the fact if there is a point to it, if that voiced opinion doesn’t truly meet anyone. Am I truly speaking if no one is listening?

From a corporate standpoint, this has become quite a popular one as well, as companies start their own blogs to voice their thoughts and create a new form of interaction with their very own target audience. Yet while it does allow them to do work for Public Relations that was not possible before, but it still makes you wonder how effective it truly is. In the amount of blogs that companies are open, it wouldn’t surprise me that some might potentially go under. Voicing interesting information without an audience seems like a waste of the content I am trying to spread.

In the end, I could throw out anything I want to, but even I am still going to continue to write as much as I can and even am thinking of expanding with a podcast sometime in the coming weeks. So, one could say that even this entire article is actually a bit pointless, but maybe that was the point of it to begin with. Maybe I started writing this article with a sense of irony in mind, trying to understand something by simply writing about it. Maybe it all is just a personal fear that whatever I am saying might be pointless to begin with. Me writing about a casting in a film like many others, is jus time saying something that can be found anywhere else. While questioning what makes The Archive Media special, I have completely forgotten the fact that the thing that makes my blog what it is, is the fact that I am writing it.

Have you ever had these thoughts? Leave a comment below and maybe share your experiences and fears with your own blogs or writing!