What Will We See In Arrow S4 And The Flash S2?

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Why am I combining these two? Well, CW has certainly made these two shows one entity at this point that will soon be followed by third, so I presumed it would be touching to actually combine them into one article. No, this is not for me to save time, but I just believe that they go very much hand in hand at this point. CW has truly been building up their DC Comics franchise and it will be interesting to see what else we can expect in the upcoming seasons, so without further ado let us dive into it.

Is it truly a Reboot?
Here is the most interesting aspect about the fourth season of Arrow, as we will now officially meet the Green Arrow. Yes, after three years of following the Vigilante, who had a plethora of nicknames over the course of the show has now officially adopted the name that made him famous in the comics. Especially after the ending of season 3 it almost felt like the series we knew was officially coming to an end, but with the introduction of a much lighter The Flash, we were introduced to a new world that the original Arrow simply wasn’t going to survive in. Gone were the dark and brooding days, and now comes a much more tougher world filled with gifted individuals. While Damien Dahrk is a villain that was teased last season, who strangely was depicted as a bigger threat than the ultimate Batman villain Rha’s Al Ghul, but the world is certainly a new and much lighter one.

Will Olicity Still Exist?
The ending of last season showed Oliver and Felicity finally coming together without any classic love triangle issues anymore. It seemed like both were happy and finally free, but naturally a new season had to drag them in once again into the frenzy. My question remains if the show will actually allow the relationship to remain stable, or will it throw in some more forced love triangle, as in the comics Green Arrow actually gets together with the Black Canary, so it could be that Laurel’s relationship may still be up in the air with Oliver, but it would also go against what the last season finale was trying to tell us. As I said, this is just speculation and I hope they do try to avoid any unnecessary romance elements to create tension.

Just For Legends of Tomorrow?
While I would say that this season will certainly feature some great cameos, especially with the return of John Constantine, but it does make me wonder if this season might focus too much on building up the Legends of Tomorrow show. With teases showing the return of Sarah Lance and the still assumed death of Ray Palmer, it makes me wonder if the focus might be too much on the upcoming spin-off mini-series. While I do not believe this to be a fact, I simply want Arrow to still focus on itself and remain as the foundation behind the slowly expanding DC Comics universe. I will point out that I carry the same fear for The Flash, as they both are building up towards this extra mini-series.

Three Versions of The Flash?
We will now be introduced to three versions of the Flash and while I am very excited for this concept, I do wonder if this takes away the focus from Barry Allen. His performance was what cemented the show, but having too many “Flash’s” on screen could potentially take the spotlight away from him. My gut feeling tells me that we might actually see more elements here of a passing of the torch. Jay Garrick’s Flash might be a mentor to Barry learning how to use his abilities as effective as possible with him then going to have to teach another speedster. The existence of three Scarlet Speedsters might actually create a different rip than the one from the last season finale, as the Speed Force will start fighting itself. Maybe, just maybe, Zoom is supposed to be the force of nature that stops the Speed Force from going out of control.

Iris West True Love?
The ony thing that did bug me about The Flash Season 1 was the portrayal of Iris West. The actress was great in the role, but she was never truly given enough beyond being the jealous best friend, whose feelings were never truly set. I really liked Eddie as a character, but being tossed around by Iris made her look bad at times even if I still liked the character. I simply hope that she is now given a better role in the second season as I believe there is a fantastic character here, but she suffered from the same thing Laurel Lance did. A great character buried under a plot that simply makes her the devil’s advocate to keep romantic tension high. I think the shows have grown beyond those elements and it would be a waste to see them resort to this on both shows.

Zoom, a Force of Speed Force
With early descriptions stating that Zoom is not a man in a suit, but someone closer to what Reverse-Flash looks like in the comics now. I think he will be something akin to a force of nature, something the Speed Force let go as too many people with the ability to tap into the Speed Force are alive. My guess is that he may not truly be evil, but just the solution to a problem that lead to the vortex in the first season. Just maybe, I am completely wrong and he might be a revived Thawne seeking revenge. His desire for revenge could have make him become one with the Speed Force and transformed into a monster that we now know as Zoom. All this is just speculation.

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