Mystery Roles Of Jessica Jones Revealed?

7:24 AM Joseph Aberl 0 Comments

It seems that two major reveals came from the Marvel Television Netflix panel at NYCC, as not only was one role confirmed during the panel, but afterwards one actor gave us a hint at who his character could potentially be, which naturally gets all the theories revving online. So, here is the main run down of these two reveals for the upcoming Jessica Jones series, which will arrive on November 20th.

First off, Carrie-Anne Moss’ role has finally been revealed and it seems she is actually playing a character named Jeryn Hogarth. If at first you are wondering, who exactly is this character. Well, in the comics she was originally a he, a lawyer who was a close ally of Danny Rand, the man many know as Iron Fist. Originally working for his father, he looked after Danny and the family’s estate. It could be a hint that we will see the actress reprise her role in the upcoming Iron Fist Netflix series, which still has no main actor as of now.[1]

Furthermore, Wil Traval had kind of hinted at the character he was playing in the upcoming Netflix project by stating that his name is Simpson. Many now theorize that he could in fact be the Daredevil and Captain America villain, Will Simpson also known as Nuke. A failed experiment turned the Vietnam War soldier into a super-soldier, which left him mentally scarred. While he is only described as a NYPD cop as of now, it could be a hint at him having a larger role in the upcoming show, or even beyond.[2]

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