[The Blacklist] #302 - Marvin Gerard

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The week returns as we uncover what exactly the Cabal has been up to and what Reddington has been up to so that he could get Kean out of her sticky situation. The new evil mastermind also is slowly taking care of loose ends while Ressler is fighting an internal battle between his loyalty to the FBI and towards Kean. Reddington takes a café hostage as we meet the newest member of the Blacklist, who actually is probably one of the most interesting to date. Ist hat enough to keep us watching?

Here ist hat spoiler warning thing. What? Expecting more? Tough luck!

So, let us just say that the first part of the episode was quite standard. Kean tries to seek immunity at the Russian delegation, but then is screwed over by the fact that even the Russians have been infiltrated by the Cabal. We actually get a nice scene of Ressler showing that his hunt for Kean isn’t about killing or taking her down, but believing that her safety is best in the hands of the FBI, even if she is being hunted down for being a wanted criminal. Him driving to her rescue was a nice touch as Ressler goes behind the back of everyone else to save her.

The true meat of this episode was the entire stick up of Reddington holding a Café hostage. The way the scene plays out not only forces Kean to accept teh fact that the world will see her in a different light due to the fact that not only is the stress of being hunted tearing her down, but also the fact that she needs to get use to the fact how people look at her, especially now that she is a fugitive on the run. I do love how Red is an extremely caring person even if he is in fact a criminal. The way he stands up for that one girl in the Café was nice.

I do enjoy the fact that we actually even get to know much more about Marvin Gerard than most of them. His back story is a tragic one and it even brought me to tears, even if I wished that it wasn’t told through Red, but by the man himself. The man he is right now doesn’t show that even if there are many hints throughout the hostage situation. The last touch of kindness from Red really paints an interesting picture that not everyone on the Blacklist is actually a terrible person, which I believe to just a perfect representation of the criminal underworld that is more grey than simply black and white.

Not a lot really happens, but there are small touches that I really do adore about this show and the way that Reddington is truly more of a anti-hero, or more a man that proves no matter how evil a person seems, there is still a lot of kindness within one’s heart. It was a very interesting episode, but I have to say that not much happens until the true hostage situation. Her time in the Russian Embassy was quite short, which would have been worth its own episode, but leading to that last moment on the boat was exceptionally well crafted and I hope that there is more of a pay-off. Also, the main villain for this season is quite fascinating and menacing, so I hope to see more of him.

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