[Doctor Who] #904 - Before the Flood

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Doctor Who returns once again expanding on the last scene we were greeted by last episode, as the Doctor’s ghost was floating within the ocean. As we slowly uncover who exactly the Fisher King is and what flooded the city they were investigating with the crew. Slowly, Clara is also coming to realize how much the Doctor has truly influenced her and she comes into conflict with the other survivors waiting for the Doctor to return from the past. Was he able to save them, or did he go a step too far?

Spoiler Alarm. Wait, no, Spoiler Signature! Wait a minute, I mean Spoiler Warning. There it was! Silly me!

I must say that it was nice to see Clara take action even if it was against everyone else. The other crew served their purpose and they were quite fun to follow, but sadly one pet peeve I have with Doctor Who is that through the time travel element it never truly allows them to further explore characters. What was interesting though is the fact that we do receive a glimpse in the darker side of this incarnation of the Doctor, as he actually is ready to make sacrifices, just as Clara is. They are rubbing off on each other, which allows for them to evolve as characters.

One thing that I truly adored about this episode was the design of the Fisher King and in combination with his voice it was just chilling. While his plan of taking over the world by using ghosts that will slowly give him power and control over the planet was interesting, I do wish that we could have seen more of this creature or at least his race returning some time in the future to explain what their fascination is with creating ghosts, or at least ghostly beings, which seems like a very impractical plan.

As much as I was surprised about the ending of this episode, I have to confess I was a bit more confused about the whole matter. Him using a hologram made sense, as it was teased in the last episode, but the entire time having his ghostly version being nothing more was a bit odd, especially as it was able to press the buttons that released the other ghosts. That I didn’t quite understand and I also was hoping to see him actually have to face his own death, something that had been teased in the last first episodes and for some reason was never truly further looked at. Seeing the Doctor overcome death through death would have been interesting, but the way they solve it was quite a fun reveal.

In summary, it was a well executed story outside that little oddity I noticed that didn’t quite fit well with the explanation of how exactly the hologram did what it could. Still, the design and reveal of the Fisher King was well worth the wait and it did have a very interesting way of describing why exactly these ghosts even existed. On one hand I did wish we could have seen the mythology built up here further explored, but maybe further down the line this opportunity will be given.

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