[The Muppets] #103 - Bear Left Then Bear Write

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The Muppets return once again with a variety of subplots and jokes. Kermit and Fozzy have a battle that could damage their friendship, while Gonzo tries to score by imitating a famous actor. Best of all, Rowlf finally makes his first appearance even if it is brief. Is the show continuing its hot streak, or is it trying a bit too hard?

What is this? A spoiler warning? Yeah, as per usual here is the warning that this review contains a plethora of spoilers, so if you haven’t seen the episode yet then take that into consideration before you continue reading this article.

Oh, Nick Offerman was hilarious with him wanting to receive a coffee machine for his work, even if the joke was a bit long it still was quite hilarious as he tops it off with “Aces”! Also Bobo confessing that he wished that he could grow that beard was a nice little addition and his demands just keep getting bigger was a nice joke. The celebrity cameos were quite strong this week, as Christina Applegate appearing and shaming Miss Piggy was a great joke and set-up for the episode. Liam Hemsworth appearing was also an odd addition, as Gonzo used him as his profile picture so that he can start dating a girl.

The main plot this time was actually focused on the relationship between Fozzy and Kermit, who have a short falling out. It was a great storyline as it highlighted the fact that Fozzy’s jokes aren’t always the funniest and that their friendship is on the line, as they work together. It probably was one of the most grounded stories and I did love the fact that we see Fozzy, the bear, being terrible at camping in the woods. Him trying to grab food that was specifically hung up so bears can’t reach it, was a nice touch. Still, the only joke that was a bit off putting was Kermit stating he licked his third cousin and the walls started melting, I get that it is a drug reference, but why in the world did he lick his third cousin? Can we continue on that weird thing that was just glanced over?

“I’m Chip, I’m the IT guy” got a bit old though and his character was very much one-note, but he did get the job done to further develop the plot of Gonzo and that of Kermit. It worked as a running gag even if it was making IT guys look a bit bad. Speaking of Gonzo, his short story was funny as his entire plot backfired on him. It was a rather surprising twist that Liam Hemsworth actually making Debbie his own and I did feel bad for Gonzo, but it would have been nice to find out why Gonzo wasn’t dating his chicken wife anymore. It just felt like it should have been at least mentioned in one way or another.

Lastly, we have the Miss Piggy subplot featuring Christina Applegate, which was alright. It didn’t really add anything to the overarching plot and while it was funny seeing Miss Piggy get arrested, I did wish that it wasn’t crammed in here. I think this could have been a funnier episode if the running gag was her and Applegate trying to one-up each other with pranks.

In summary, the episode was fun and I finally got to see Rowlf again, which made me happy even if it was a very brief sequence and they don’t explain why he is running his own bar. Hoping to see more of him in future episodes! Still, some jokes were funny, but it was a bit subplot heavy without any real focus this time around. The Piggy-Applegate storyline felt like a missed opportunity, and some subplots just kind of ended before they really started. Maybe some plots like Hemsworth stealing Gonzo’s date could be brought back later.

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