[Once Upon A Time] #502 - The Price

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Once Upon A Time returns and finally it seems we will have some more revelations on what happened while our group of heroes were in Camelot, or at least slowly we uncover the secrets behind the Dark One, or at least whatever Emma Swan has tranformed into. Family trouble ensues as poor Regina has to face the actions of her past once more and prove herself if she might truly be ready to take on the role that Emma had to carry. Question remains, will the show keep us watching?

Spoiler Warning! What? Expecting some long dialogue I wrote here because I am running out of ways to warn you about the potential spoilers in the article? Well, tough luck, that is all you are getting. Spoiler Warning!

We resume to our heroes back in Storybrook trying to figure out what exactly has happened during the six weeks they were missing. Emma slowly reveals her true intentions as a mysterious being tries to get a price that someone didn’t pay, but while many believe that the curse was crated by Emma, it could potentially also be one that was created by Regina once again. Furthermore, she has to prove herself as the new Saviour in the Camelot flashbacks, where someone from her past caught up to her.

Let me start off by saying that I think replacing the original flashbacks to the fairy tale world with that of what happened in the last six weeks was actually quite clever. This way the story can evolve without giving away anything too early. Still, it does make the fifth season repeat older storylines, as the whole „we forgot what happened“ is getting a bit old at this point. Still, it seems that they are trying to make us second guess if Emma is truly the Dark One, or is in more control than we know even i fit seems that the little Rumpelstilzkin in her head might have won her over.

The new monster introduced came out of nowhere and didn’t really have that much of an impact. My personal favourite scene though was seeing what I presume is death riding a little boat on the river. It was a fantastic visual and I do hope that this is something they will expand upon, as up to this season we didn’t know if there was a personification of death. Only thing I thought was a bit of a waste was that this beast kind of died off by everything holding hands. There seemed to be no cost to it at all, even if it was a lesson to show that Regina might be a potential saviour, as everyone know believes in her.

The flashbacks were interesting, as Regina had to adapt to her new role. A little romance sparked, which was then simply shown to happen again in Storybrooke, which I thought was a nice touch even if it was just a repeat of the same scene, but showing that some memories might still remain. Seeing Prince Charming teaching Regina how to dance was nice, also the short joke with her wearing an old “evil” dress was funny to watch. I was a bit surprised how fast they went through the reveal of the man, who was left behind after the Evil Queen destroyed a village, and him being a Knight of the round table was a nice touch. Still, it seems that maybe Arthur might actually not be a true noble character and has a dark side himself. In total, it was an decent episode that expanded the story behind Dark Swan, and seeing Regina’s role grow was great. Still, this episode felt like a set-up to continue the story from the first episode and only suffered by rushing its subplot. Merlin being a tree was a great reveal and am curious how that will pay off.

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