What Can We Expect From Marvel's Damage Control?

9:35 AM Joseph Aberl 0 Comments

Just a few days ago ABC ordered a script order for a Marvel’s Damage Control series, which would function like a comedy and the life of those men and woman that are given the responsibility to clean up after our heroes. With Ben Karlin from The Daily Show and Modern Family behind the project it could turn out to be quite an interesting one and a great addition to the ever-growing Marvel Cinematic Universe. Yet I was slowly trying to figure out how exactly this show could work and how they will keep a consistency throughout the MCU.[1] So, I put a few thoughts together on how this concept could work and maybe some fun additions that I hope to personally see happening in this upcoming show.

Stark Funded?
After rewatching Avengers: Age of Ultron, I have come to realize that Stark funded many different projects such as restoration funds for people that lose their homes or medical bills. It was great to see how Stark thought about other people and it made me think that it wouldn’t be too surprising to see him involved in some way of creating the Damage Control team. Hell, he might even be the person to come up with the name and as Robert Downey Jr. has expressed interest in appearing in an ABC show, this could maybe be the opportunity to also combine it together with Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD cameo of course.

Ties To Agents of SHIELD?
Probably the closest team they can touch upon will be SHIELD and the Secret Warriors, so I have a feeling that Damage Control could be a nice look at the wreckage they leave behind with their various missions. With a secret project still lingering over ABC and no information if it already received a script order, besides Marvel’s Most Wanted, I think the most direct link will be between this show and Agents of SHIELD, as of now. Agent Carter won’t work out except they actually introduce us to the first incarnation of the crew back in the 1940s, but with my Stark funded theory I highly doubt this will be the case. Would be great to see how SHIELD and Damage Control interact with each other and how far the show will go.

Creativity Without Borders
While Agents of SHIELD introduced us to some outlandish characters and even those that one would commonly not see in a film, Damage Control opens the gates to even more possibilities. How does the crew react to a alien or supernatural artifact? Will they themselves have someone with powers in their team? With the Inhuman uprise, will this in some way also affect the way they see gifted individuals? What kind of smallfry villains will they stumble into that make their work a living hell? Like I said, there are so many different possibilities this show can do and as Marvel already has quite a lot of nice comedic moments, having a full 20 minute one-camera comedy could open the doors to so much more.

The Missing Link?
I deeply believe that Damage Control could be the “missing link” of our Marvel Cinematic Universe. If you think about it closely, it is about a group of people that work together on repairing what our heroes leave behind them. In a sense, this means that the Damage Control group is forced to clean up not only behind Iron Man, Captain America or Hulk, but also the Agents of SHIELD, Daredevil or Jessica Jones. Naturally these are just a few mentions, but taking this into consideration already shows that this show could truly touch upon many different elements, may it be the Netflix, ABC or even the film side of things. If truly taken under consideration the Damage Control crew could truly be that what will unite the three Marvel fronts. This makes me hope for even more cameos from the various projects, like seeing Jessica Jones get cornered due to a drunken bar fight going wrong and the Damage Control group trying to figure out what to do.

These are just a few thoughts I had and hope to see. Naturally, as of now there is only a script order and it could happen that the project falls through. With ABC’s current success with comedies, I could still see it become a reality and I am quite interested in seeing what direction this project could take. With the Agents of SHIELD spin-off in works and still no word on John Ridley’s project, as of now we have to play the waiting game until May.

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