[Agents of SHIELD] #306 - Among Us Hide...

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Besides the fact that the title is a tribute to the original comic in which the Royal Family of Inhumans made their reveal, this episode reveals waht happened to Garner after his assault from Strucker’s son and we follow Daisy as she tries to figure out if ATCU’s right-hand man of Rosalinde Price might actually bet eh Inhuman hunter Lash. At the same time, Coulson starts to uncover more about Roze and they might share a stronger connection than he first thought. On another side of the conflic, May is on the hunt for Strucker to get revenge for what happened to Garner, but may uncover something more more sinister at hand.

Here is your spoiler warning! I know I know I am running out of ideas, but hey at least I kind of used that fact to my advantage. Made you read it didn’t I? Either way, spoiler warning!

Let me start off with the, at least in my opinion, most interesting subplot of this episode, Coulson and Rosalind’s relationship. I loved their interactions and it had become something I was hoping of seeing more of. This episode quickly cemented the fact that while they are both very professional people, something truly connects them outside of their spy background. I personally was very much for seeing them hook up, but it was nice that they twisted our arms with how difficult it is fort wo people to connect when their profession is full of lies. Her having a husband was a perfect addition to add some depth to her character, as it shows that she might have a lighter side to her, as over the last episodes she seems to calm down more and more. Seeing Coulson understand her motives and still having his problems with it was a nice touch.

As much as Hunter screwed up last episode with putting Garner in trouble, it was nice that they didin’t waste time to show that he was still alive. Great cliffhanger at the last episode being instantly resolved was a nice touch to push forward that their might be more when it comes to what exactly happened with Strucker. One of my questions was, how exactly does this allow for Hunter to stay on the team and how would others react towards him. It didn’t take long for him to try to vent his rage towards a new project while alongside Mack and Daisy. Them hunting down the right-hand man of Roze was a lot of fun to watch as it gave Mack some fantastic new lines and just seeing how they interact was just a blast, especially how it ties into the plot with Coulson.

May’s plot offered some of the best action sequences in the episode, as seeing her and Bobbi get into the field was a lot of fun. Seeing Bobbi back on her knees was great and I do like the talk about how „experience“ changes a person, a great lesson for anyone who is watching and went through some physical or psychological problems. Them hunting down Strucker was nice as we got our first look at Malick, as well as see how even Strucker’s kid isn’t even save from HYDRA. Seeing him reveal though that Andrew Garner, May’s ex-husband, was Lash all along was such a beautiful reveal. The transformation sequence was a extremely well done and the way the show was shot just fit extremely well to the tone of the show.

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