[Agents of SHIELD] #307 - Chaos Theory

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After last week’s reveal of Andrew Garner being the Inhuman Lash, we finally get the reveal of how it happened, how it affected his relationship with May and why he is doing the things he is. Coulson was about to meet the President to finally see if SHIELD could come out of the shadows it still resides, but is cut short as his attention is drawn towards May’s inner conflict. That isn’t all, as Roze and Daisy’s relationship is put to the test due to her problems with the way she treats Inhumans.

The earth is shaking as a Inhuman wave of spoiler warnings is coming your way. If you haven’t seen the episode, then now is your chance to avoid it. If not continue on with the warning in mind.

What an emotional episode this was, as May confronts Garner on what exactly is happening to him. Personally, I have a feeling that while he acts almost as if it is an instinct for him to kill off Inhumans, he did tease the existence of “something” heading their way and a reasoning why he is compelled to do so. I also find it interesting that he has a particular problem when it comes to Lincoln, whose darker side had been teased for quite some time now. I really would like to find out what exactly happened in his past and if there is more to Lincoln and maybe even find out how he joined Afterlife.

Still, Garner’s performance was fantastic as he was forced to confront the fact that he is changing. Seeing May actually shoot him with lethal bullets was quite a surprise, especially when it is revealed that she didn’t know he would survive the ordeal. It was quite heartbreaking to see as a man we once trusted was forced to go down a much darker path than even he knew he would have to follow. Also liked how Daisy’s mother had a list of all Inhumans with dust in it, which makes sense why exactly he would be affected and even how he got his hands on the various members from Afterlife as well.

Lincoln was a bit rash in attacking Lash simply due to him believing that he is just a monster. Unlike everyone else so far he was forced to runaway due to Lash, so it was quite understandable that he would attack out of anger what happened to him and his friends. Unlike Daisy he was not trained or ever given a glimpse into the live of a spy, so he simply does not have that experience to know when he should keep his personal life away from the professional.

Speaking of Daisy, it was great seeing her actually confront Roze about their situation. She doesn’t trust her and isn’t happy about seeing the way she treats Inhumans. Seeing her save her life was also a nice touch especially as she had no idea she could do that with her powers. The added touch of seeing Coulson actually go back to his classic suit was a nice touch showing that losing his hand has also affected the way he saw himself. It truly was a great way to show how he has changed without even having to say a single word about it. All you needed was a tie and a helping hand.

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