Any Reveals In The Captain America: Civil War Trailer?

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With my university keeping me quite busy in the last few weeks, I have been missing out on a lot of great news articles and show reviews, but one thing I can’t ignore is the now officially released Captain America: Civil War trailer. I have seen many different perspectives on the trailer. Some rather negative, as they believe there are too many characters in a Captain America trailer, which I find odd considering that Phase 2 main complaints was due to the lack of any other Avengers appearing in the films, while also some stating that they commend the trailer for truly focusing on Roger’s relationship with Bucky, which will be the main drive behind the entire film. Well, after seeing all these reviews, here is my personal take on the trailer.

While I have certainly not seen the film yet, which is due to release in May of 2016, I still want to point out that there could be potential spoilers due to me theorizing what could potentially happen in the upcoming film. So, as you continue reading please keep that in mind.

The trailer starts off with the scene that many have already witnessed at the end of Ant-Man’s credits. Actually quite like it as a nice introduction into the main conflict of the film, as we already now know that Captain America is not fighting to save the world, but in reality to save the only remnant of his past he still has left. Bucky being the center of the film’s Civil War is fitting considering that this is the third and (for now) last installment in the Captain America franchise. Their always was a very strong focus on the relationship between these two characters and seeing as they are the only two left in the modern era, as many behind-the-scenes leaked images might have hinted at a beloved character passing away, it just seems like the perfect touch to make this a much more personal film.

Isn’t it great to see Thunderbolt Ross again? While I doubt we will see this lead into a potential Thunderbolts film, something that has been teased as a potential Netflix series, or the Red Hulk, I do love the fact that The Incredible Hulk has some more footing in the overall universe now. He is the perfect character to represent a specific hatred towards vigilante’s and superheroes due to his relationship with the Hulk, but it is a great character to lead into this debate.

I still wonder why Natasha chose to be on the side of the government. She has been a Russian spy most of her life and with Banner out of the picture, I would assume she’d join Cap, but I feel as if there might be more to this story. Maybe she personally saw this as an opportunity to get rid of her original image as a cold-hearted spy? Maybe she doesn’t trust the Winter Soldier due to the injury she had to sustain from the operative where he shot through her to kill his target? So many questions in my head and I am very curious how this will be resolved.

Seeing Stark with a blue eye is interesting and he is certainly not wrong with his point of view. The whole point of being the Avengers was to help people, but also to help sustain justice as much as possible. I see a lot of similarities between this movies overall theme and that of Daredevil, which makes me hope that earlier rumors of him appearing are true, as he would be a fantastic anchor that cements this twisted point of view, and how easy it can be tarnished for “the right reasons”.

I am very curious how the Falcon and Cap’s relationship will evolve, as he pretty much became the substitute for Bucky in the last film. Not really a sidekick, but a person Rogers can rely on so seeing him join him without any second thoughts is great and says a lot about their shared history as soldiers. It also seems as if they have added some creative ways for him to use his flying ability, which at first doesn’t truly make him stand out as a hero.  I do wonder though if he might have some conflicts with Bucky, as he might fear that he will be replaced at one point, or maybe they grow an even stronger bond that could lead into him showing how Bucky could take over Captain America’s shield.

Look who we have here, if it isn’t the Black Panther. I have to respect the trailer for mainly focusing on Cap’s and Tony’s story with most of the dialogue being spoken by them. Still, they are certainly teasing the capabilities of the Black Panther, who might become the focus of the second trailer as he is the biggest addition to the cast, and I will get into the fact that Spider-Man is missing later on. Still, we get some glimpses at him fighting with Bucky, which will probably tie into why exactly he is even involved in this film to begin with. I do wonder what else they have in store for his character.

Poor Rhodey, as much as I love his character and I hope he doesn’t get killed off, I do wonder why he has become the punching bag of the MCU. In almost every Iron Man film he was as War Machine his suit either got taken over, or he just got beaten pretty hard. Only exception was the ending battle in the sky in Avengers: Age of Ultron, which was quite enjoyable, but I really wish he got a true moment to shine in a film. In my opinion, he would be a great addition to The Defenders if they had a bigger budget and could use the character, as Don Cheadle does have a TV acting background.

“So was I” is probably the strongest sentence spoken in the entire trailer and boy does it resonate. As much as they had a love-hate relationship throughout the Marvel films, you still felt a connection between these characters and then seeing him being tag-teamed by both Cap and Bucky makes that moment even stronger. It isn’t a classic superhero battle, but more a dirty brawl one would rather see in the current Netflix shows. It further cements that this is a personal battle and just maybe they both are wrong in some regard.

Finally, the missing pictures of Spider-Man that you can hear J. Jonah Jameson scream in the background rubbed some the wrong way. I personally believe that this is a perfect choice, as it is something I noticed that Marvel Studios’ marketing team tends to do with their bigger character additions. Age of Ultron also didn’t reveal the addition of the Vision until the very last trailer and with Spidey having a smaller role in the film in general. I doubt we will truly see that much footage from his character. Also, I personally think that his character was added due to the “superhero registration” act that the Sokovia Acts are introducing. Makes me wonder if this will also affect Agents of SHIELD as soon as they introduce the Secret Warriors.

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