[Arrow] #404 - Beyond Redemption

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It seems that an irony has visited Arrow, as the Anti-Vigilante Task Force became vigilante’s themselves as they try to clean out the city themselves. Lance and Oliver come into a fight, as they both try to finally get their problems out of the way to work together, as Oliver has decided to start off his own campaign to become the mayor of Star City, while Felicity is receiving a strange message that may be the final message of Ray Palmer before his untimely doom. What did the message mean?

Watch out for those Spoiler Cops! You never know when they might show up and...oh crap I can hear them now. Just be careful when you continue!

Being directed by Lexi Alexander, this episode has some fantastic action sequences and I quite enjoyed seeing the entire Anti-Vigilante Task Force from last season come back into play. Even more I did quite enjoy the irony that they themselves have become Vigilantes. While I did find it odd that they tried to avoid a “non killing” role after killing two cops in the beginning, because they were “at the wrong time, at the wrong place”? Not really a great excuse if you ask me, but it did highlight the fact that they themselves have overstepped the lines, and them introducing Liza Warner, also known as Lady Cop, was a nice touch and I hope to see more of her in the future.

It was amazing to see the new Arrow cave, which did feel a bit more like Arrow was truly embracing its more Comic Book persona. With the tie-in coming from the Flash crew, the green lighting was a great touch. It also made sense to introduce it now after their last layer was once again infiltrated. I do wonder if at one point we will even see an Arrow car appear, or even see his bicycle get a green make-over. Still, it was a nice touch and I did find it sad that they didn’t really include future Mr. Terrific into the Arrow team after what happened last time. Still, seeing his future technology was a nice touch and I am curious which direction his character will go too. Also, anyone find it funny that Oliver constantly takes the “Hide in plain sight” approach pretty literal?

What I did think was a perfect part for this episode was seeing Oliver confront Captain Lance after he figured out that he was meeting up with the sinister Darkh. It was a nice way to finally bring their relationship to a new level, as they both now have to accept the fact that they had made some mistakes in their lives. It also let Lance take a much more bigger role in the entire Team Arrow, or at least finally step out as a anatagonist. Up to this point he was commonly always trying to prove the fact that the Arrow was a bad thing so him working together with Oliver against Darkh just was a great way to mix-up the already well-established formula.

What my personal favorite moment in the entire episode was seeing Lance break down as he tries to fight himself if it is better to end the life of his newly resurrected daughter. It was heartbreaking seeing this scene and Lance just gave an absolutely heartbreaking performance, as it made sense that he wanted to protect his beloved daughter, but was just not capable of truly going that far to harm her. He just lost her so long ago that now being forced with making that decision himself, it just would break anyone apart. It was just a fantastic scene.

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