[Arrow] #405 - Haunted

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Arrow creates the ultimate crossover, as Constantine does not only visit Oliver in the past, but also in the current timeline. Sarah is on the loose without being truly in control of her body, as she hunts down Thea, who she seems to blame for her resurrection. Also, Oliver’s campaign is in full swing, as he is confronted with the problem that just maybe he might have to cut his ties with the Lance family to avoid any potential PR problems, while Lance and Diggle uncover the secret behind his brother’s past.

Here is your mandatory spoiler warning, as in the upcoming review you might be haunted by ghosts and demons if you aren’t careful. If you are having problems then call the Dabbler of the Dark Arts if you ever have time!

I realized that I tend to forget to talk about the flashbacks in Arrow, as I simply do not quite think they have told much besides the fact that Oliver meets Baron Blitzkrieg and saves a girl from their drug harvesting. It just never truly impacted the main story enough for me to truly remember what it was about and in comparison to the first few seasons it just doesn’t seem that important to the story anymore for me personally. Yet here comes this episode and perfectly ties in to the episode. While back on the island, Constantine finds himself escaping his capturers by taking Olver with him. I do love the way it introduces us to the mystical and also explains a bit more how the mystic element works to the audience. It was a great way to not only show Constantine retrieving an item he would actually use in the show that sadly was cancelled not to long ago, and I still have high hopes to see him return to his own show on the CW.

Still, in the present time Sarah is still on the loose, but this time is actually killing people that look similar to Thea. It was an interesting way to showcase what problem Thea is having, but with less control over her body. I only wished that they actually would have made this about Laurel more, as it would have put their relationship on the line. She was the one who wanted her resurrected, so seeing Sarah attack Thea seemed more like a plot point until Constantine would arrive then actually leaving a stronger impact. Laurel pulls a gun on her, but if it was Sarah trying to kill her it simply would have left a much stronger impact in my personal opinion, but I am not a writer on the show and it still is well handled. Just believe that there was a slight missed opportunity here.

Constantine scratched his back with peacock feather and it was an absolutely amazing sight to behold. There were a lot of references to his show, making it officially a part of the CW/DC Comics franchise, but also just perfectly allows the viewer to know where the show took place within the universe. I really hope Matt Ryan gets to return in future episodes, as he seemed to have left a spell that will keep Oliver busy one day and it was a great visualization by having a tattoo literally being transferred from one body to the other.

Palmer is alive and it really was not that surprising. The teasers for next week give a lot away, which is a common problem with CW promos, but knowing that he will be a part of the upcoming already gave it away. It doesn’t really make sense to tease this throughout many episodes, as we all already knew what exactly was going to happen so it just seemed like an odd touch. If this was just a subplot in this episode it would have been fine, but they were really trying to build this up even though it was already quite well known.

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