Supergirl Gets Full-Season Order and Is Television Changing?

5:25 PM Joseph Aberl 0 Comments

With many people fearing for their favorite shows to get additional episode orders and a steady decline in viewer ratings in general across the border of all major TV stations, some might be happy to hear that the currently running Supergirl TV show on CBS was given a full-season order.[1]

The only “odd” part is that while the show aired much later than most other shows, it still was given an additional order of episodes bringing it up to 20 episodes, which is two episodes less than a usual show. The show has been dropping from its initial 13 million viewer debut, which is nothing new in the industry, it still is an odd choice. With ABC’s The Muppets also getting a smaller episode ordered, it could be a sign that the television we know might be changing in the coming seasons.

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