Friday the 13th Remake on Hold

3:41 PM Joseph Aberl 0 Comments

It seems that the planned Friday the 13th remake is facing some difficulties, as not only has it been delayed multiple times, but now it was officially announced that David Bruckner, the director behind the new remake, has left the project. The reasoning though is an interesting one, as it seems that work on the newest draft has been delayed they didn’t want to keep the director waiting until it will eventually be completed so he was released from his contract.[1]

The problems with the draft have risen due to it not have been written quite yet. It seems that the original draft written by Hannibal producer Nick Antosca is going to go through some rewrites. Currently, Aaron Guzikowski is in negotiations to take over the project and if the original draft, which was rumored to be a found-footage variation of the classic franchise, will still remain intact.

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