[The Flash] #207 - Gorilla Warfare

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While Cisco is on his date with Kendra Saunders, who he has visions of an angel approaching in his so-called “vibes” we also have the return of everyone’s favorite Gorilla Grodd, who seems to be trying to create more of him by abducting Caitlin and it once again forces Wells hand, as he might have to prove that he might have a hero inside of him as well. Barry at the same time is trying to get over his loss of speed and recovering his legs. May Grodd’s appearance might spark his motivation to once again face the villainous Zoom?

Grodd....Warn. Not...Seen...Episode? Then....Do not..continue reading! This is...a spoiler...warning...for you!...Alright this is not my best version, but it is still true.

Gorilla Grodd had one of the best episodes last season, as it played out like a monster was hiding in the sewers and I was quite full of glee when I found out that he would be appearing on the show once more. While I do believe that the quality of his animation was fantastic while hidden in the shadows, seeing him in light does sadly stick out a bit, but I thought the same thing from King Shark, whose cameo was amazing, but he still did stick out, but the shadows help the effects a bit more. Still, this is me just nitpicking as in general the effects are always great and it is still amazing to see a TV show actually attempt this effects work.

It was nice seeing Grodd actually have some trust in people, especially Caitlin who treated him kindly and seeing Earth-2 version of Wells stand up to a monkey. Grodd figuring out that this Wells was a fake due to the way he spoke was a perfect touch, as this version of Wells would have no idea how exactly Reverse-Flash communicated with the monkey. Seeing him being sent through a portal in the end was also a great touch as it actually gives us our first look at the Gorilla city, which I find hilarious that this actually exists in Earth-2, but it does make me wonder if Grodd’s abilities will evolve and he will find a way back to his original world on the search for the original Wells.

 The Saunders-Cisco sub-plot was quite odd, as while he did see visions of her Hawkgirl persona, I didn’t quite understand why he had to run away from the date. Also, knowing that in the next episode she will become Hawkgirl, I find it sad that this is nothing more but a throw out subplot except if they do actually continue this storyline, which I personally doubt with her appearance on the upcoming Legends of Tomorrow show.

Lastly, isn’t it spooky seeing Barry driving around in Wells original wheelchair, which I kind of wished would have gone on a bit longer, as after last episode stating that he can’t feel his legs anymore and then seeing him run, but not able to keep up his usual speed seemed quite rushed. After having to confront the new incarnation of Wells, wouldn’t it have been amazing for him to be stuck in original Well’s shoes? Stuck in a wheelchair with him being haunted by the man who once sat in that chair? I just feel like seeing him run normally again at the end of the episode kind of made Zoom’s attempts completely pointless and seeing him actually confront his situation with literally not being able to walk, but returning to using the brain of his.

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