Fortune Joins Marvel's Most Wanted

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Marvel's Most Wanted is slowly gaining shape as a classic Marvel character has just been added to the roster of the Agents of SHIELD spin-off. Delroy Lindo, who is famous from Blood & Oil and The Chicago Code, will be playing Dominic Fortune, a character who first appeared in 1975's Marvel Preview #2 from Howard Chaykin.

The character is commonly seen as a man who seeks wealth and excitement while travelling throughout the world. This is the first official casting besides the already established characters of Bobbi Mrose and Lance Hunter, who willl join teh series after being mainstays of the Agents of SHIELD series for two seasons.

What do you think this means for the new series? Will we truly focus on globe-trotting former SHIELD agents and what does this mean for the show when it's third season ends in May. 

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