Marvel And ABC Developing A Second Comedy?

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It seems that Marvel has been quite busy not only further developing their Netflix side of televisoin, but even their ABC Productions have been quite busy. It seems that while they have been busy working on a Agents of SHIELD spin-off Marvel's Most Wanted and the first Marvel comedy focusing on the clean-up crew Marvel's Damage Control that isn't all ABC and Marvel have been cooking up.

While NBC is working on a DC Comics sitcom titled "Powerless", which will be a look at the DC universe from the side of regular people, ABC's president Paul Lee accidently revelaed at the Television Critics Association 2016 that a second half-hour comedy show is currently under development over at ABC. While no exact details were given what the show is focusing on or if we will see this show starting next TV season, but we will have to wait until May for official announcements.

Currently, there is a rumor that the show might focus on a variation of The Pulse comic, which followed news reporters and a news agency on how they deal with the everyday life in a world full of superheroes, but we could even see a new variation looking at the Daily Bugle, but so far these are just rumors.

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Cf. Freeman (2016):, Dated: 18.01.2016.