Is The Terminator Franchise Dead?

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Not even China's immense Box Office could save the Terminator franchise, as it seems the sequel to last years Terminator: Genisys has officially been taken down from Paramounts 2017 release calendar. While this doesn't necessarily mean that the film is officially cancelled, it simply shows that there is a lack of trust in the project, especially considering that the once strong franchise only managed to pull in around $90 million domestically with most of its $440.6 million Box Office coming from internatoinal markets.

The May 19, 2017 release date has now been replaced with Dwayne Johnson's upcoming remake of Baywatch, which has been garnering a lot of traction over the last few months. Naturally, the already third planned Terminator film, which was slated for June 2018, has also been pulled so it isn't looking good for everyone's favorite 90s franchise.

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