Could We See A Marvel Game On Consoles?

4:53 PM Joseph Aberl 0 Comments

Ever wondered why we have been seeingh a rise in mobile games for Marvel while none have been released for consoles? Naturally speaking this does not include Marvel Heroes, the free-to-play game on PC and Disney Infinity 2.0, which featured Marvel characters, but aren’t at the same level as if you would talk about DC’s recent release of Batman: Arkham Knight. Well, it seems that Bleeding Cool had the opportunity to talk to Marvel Games producer Mike Jones on the matter.[1]

He stated that “We are very much focused on what our console strategy is for the future. Obviously, console games take longer to incubate, so that will be a slower process.” The only true console games we have seen in the past few years was Lego Marvel Superheroes, and the only upcoming game is another Lego game focusing on the two Avengers films.

I personally believe there are a lot of interesting projects they could tackle like focusing on the various superheroes similar to the Arkham games, maybe even constructing their own Marvel Gaming Universe. Of course, at this point we can only theorize as the projects up to this point have sadly been hit or miss. Maybe we will see a revolution in their projects sometime in the future. I personally even have an idea that may show up as a pitch here, so keep your eyes out for the upcoming article.

What are your thoughts on the matter? Any projects you want to see happen? Leave a comment below!