Our Official First Look at Marvel's Jessica Jone?

3:10 PM Joseph Aberl 0 Comments

It seems shortly before Warner Bros. started their panel we actually have our official first look at the upcoming Netflix show Marvel’s Jessica Jones. It actually seems to be showcasing a scene that was just recently leaked in online while they were filming it. In those leaked scenes we saw a bar being blown up but it is still unknown when this scene takes place in the series, but it will be interesting to see as the officially released pictures show something quite spoilery considering the implications.[1]

In the first picture it seems that Luke Cage (Mike Colter) is in flames after what was shown to being a bar blown up in the leaked footage. What is interesting though is that in the upcoming footage it seems to take place after the fire engulfed him, but he has no visible wounds of any kind. Is this maybe showing us that he already has his powers? There was an older interview with Mike Colter stating that he would already have his powers by the time it starts.

What do you think of these pictures? When are you expecting we could see the actual trailer? Leave a comment below!