Will Marvel Expand Its ABC Productions?

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I will not sugarcoat the fact that Agents of SHIELD has been a very polarizing show ever since it came into existence. May it range from the fact that people had high expectations it could never meet or to the fact that it seems that its own fans expectations have gone into a completely different direction, the show would always be faced with controversy no matter what it does. Still even faced with all the controversy it not only managed to pave the way to a universe expanding two mediums, expanded into the 1940s with Agent Carter, but also was the sole reason that the Netflix shows were even considered a possibility. Furthermore, it seems almost a miracle that Agents of SHIELD is going to introduce Secret Warriors in its third season, breaking the Whedon curse of having his shows cancelled after just two seasons, and even Agent Carter has received a second season for 2015/2016. Now with Jessica Jones on its way and the new TV season starting next month, I thought it would be interesting to look at if the ABC or SHIELD division of Marvel Studios will be expanding in 2016/2017.

Agents of SHIELD Spin-Off
Remember a while back that an Agents of SHIELD spin-off[1] was being planned so that Mockingbird and Lance Hunter could start their own adventures that are interlocked with the actual SHIELD TV show. Yet as soon as rumors started spreading through the Internet, the production had already come to an end, as it was decided the characters would serve a better purpose on the actual show. In my personal opinion, it was a smart move as much as I would have loved to see them on their own show. It simply was too early for these characters. They just were introduced in the second season of Agents of SHIELD and with the upcoming Secret Warriors storyline, which has been rumored due to the show being strongly inspired by the comic run, they would make great characters to help these new gifted individuals to harness their powers.

Yet, there is still the interesting to have a spin-off show on ABC from Agents of SHIELD, as one cannot deny that the upcoming third season might become a bit crowded considering we have the SHIELD agents and the upcoming Secret Warriors in addition. Who knows what team Ward is getting together, which could also be filled with a variety of characters. So, it would make sense for the Secret Warriors to become the potential next spin-off allowing these characters to have much more superhero-focused storylines while SHIELD focuses once again on more spy-themed adventures facing off against either a reborn HYDRA, or even facing other classic Marvel villains such as AIM, or the 10 Rings. So, my suggestion was if Secret Warriors proves to be a successful and well-received storyline we could potentially see them as a spin-off series. Here is hoping that we receive an official logo for the Secret Warriors that could prove as a first hint that they might become a spin-off series.

An Inhuman Spin-Off
Something else that Agents of SHIELD has managed was to introduce the Inhumans in the Marvel Cinematic Universe during its second season. While the official announcement of a Inhuman film to arrive in the near future, it doesn’t seem like the Inhumans will be receiving their own TV show, especially considering the ramifications of the season finale. Yet especially when considering the subtle way Agents of SHIELD introduced the “Terrigen bomb” it could open the way to introducing another modern and famous Inhuman character. There were rumors surrounding the writer John Ridley, who is currently behind the American Crime series, who has supposedly found interest in seeing the current Ms. Marvel, Kamala Khan, to receive her very own ABC series to tackle not only a female superhero, but also the current Islamophobia issue.[2]

Well, even though American Crime faced some difficult ratings, it was renewed for a second season, but there could potentially be a strategic thought behind it. Considering that the rumors have just circulated around April, the regular season when pilots are filmed, it seemed that it would have been impossible for them to manage filming a pilot in time to showcase it to ABC as a potential series, especially considering American Crime was still running as well. So, could the second season renewal be a strategic decision so that John Ridley has enough time not only to work on the official pilot for his show, but also for Agents of SHIELD showrunners to introduce the world to the character as a potential member of the Secret Warriors, so that giving her a TV show would be an easier task, as more people are aware of who the character is. It is difficult though how she will be called Ms. Marvel, as the original Carol Danvers will be skipping directly to becoming Captain Marvel.

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