Disney Sees Age Of Ultron As A Failure?

1:34 PM Joseph Aberl 0 Comments

So, it was only a question of time with people seeking the reasoning why Marvel Studios decided to report directly to Disney and got rid of the Marvel Creative Committee. According to BleedingCool[1], it seems that Disney supposedly considered Avengers: Age of Ultron a failure, as it’s reviews and financial situation could not measure up to the first one. Now, this is not about discussing the actual quality of the film, as I have quite enjoyed it myself, but this does bring up an interesting point that I have made with my latest article focusing on Marvel Studios, which you can find HERE.

Was it truly a failure? On one side, it was still a financial success by making over one billion dollars, but on the other side it is understandable from a business perspective that it didn’t make as much money as the first one did. The financial success is always an important one and it allows a company to make predictions, but I will state that maybe “failure” is a rather harsh description that has gone public, describing this as “disappointing” would be closer to reality.

I think the “failure” was everything that had happened behind the scenes. Stories of Marvel Studios creative team budding heads with directors have gone wild, it was slowly turning into a Public Relations nightmare for both Marvel and Disney. Kevin Feige seemed determine to let Marvel Studios become more of a film studio rather than a cinematic extension of a comic book company. I think they just reached a point that they had to accept the “old way” of doing things wouldn’t be effective anymore.

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