Does Splatoon Prove That DLC Can Be Done Right?

7:14 AM Joseph Aberl 0 Comments

Downloadable Content, or DLC for short, has been quite a highly debated topic ever since the last generation of consoles introduced us to the concept that a game can be expanded through additional content. Yet as most unexplored business concepts, it was natural that the concept was not fully understood and lead to high prices for specific DLCs, the implementation of content on the actual discs, which only can be unlocked by paying a certain amount of money even after its official release to even the concept that game can now be published within a specific release date and fixed through patched released later on. The digital environment has changed the way we see video games, but now with another controversial introduction of the Season Pass, it seems almost frustrating the way these things are being handled. However, among all those given examples, Nintendo has a little game titled Splatoon that might be a perfect example of how DLC is done right. Let us explore the concept.

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