[UPDATE] Luke Cage Adds Another Villain and Two Allies?

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It seems while Jessica Jones is still working out the final details, Luke Cage is starting its production with the first few announcements regarding the series. It seems that casting is underway over at Marvel and Netflix and we also have a confirmation of a recurring character from Daredevil and Jessica Jones, but I am sure everyone already knows who that is going to be.

First off, Sons of Anarchy star Theo Rossi has officially been cast as the villainous Shades (also known as Alvarez) in the show. He is described to be “relentless and menacing, smooth and manipulative, street smart and controlling.” With the last few reports it almost seems as if this show will mainly consist of villains surrounding Luke Cage, but luckily he has bulletproof skin to stay alive.

Furthermore, it has also been confirmed that Rosario Dawson will indeed be reprising her role of Claire Temple, but it is uncertain if she will become his love interest, as she did in the comics.[1] Furthermore according to an exclusive Comicbook.com report, the character of Mercedes “Misty” Knight, a police officer who becomes a hero, will also make her live-action debut. It seems she will certainly be a New York City detective, who is forced to work together with Mike Colter’s Luke Cage, but no exact casting is known.[2]

[UPDATE] It seems that shortly after it was revealed Misty Knight woudl appear, it was confirmed that Simone Missick will be playing the titular character. What is even more interesting is that according to the description she is "a former NYPD officer who gets a new bionic arm by Tony Stark after losing her in the line of duty. She eventually launches a detective agency, helping Cage." Certainly interesting that they are adding this connection to Tony Stark,  which could be an interesting addition. [3]

Only piece missing is finding out if he will indeed be wearing his famous yellow T-shirt and the rings, or bracelets, around his forearms. What is your opinion on this news? Leave a comment below!

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