How Is Drew Goddard's Relationship With Marvel After Leaving Daredevil?

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Drew Goddard has gone through quite a lot when it comes to Marvel. Originally planned to be the showrunner of Marvel’s first Netflix show, Daredevil, as he was a very vocal fan of the character and his mythology even going as far as to writing the first two episodes, but ended up leaving the project to direct Sony Entertainment’s The Amazing Spider-Man sequel focusing on the Sinister Six. As many know, the entire project fell through and in the end, his risky endeavour didn’t pay off as he lost both projects with Steven D. Knight took over as showrunner.[1]

For a while it was even rumored that Goddard might take over the new MCU Spider-Man film in 2017, but that project now has Jon Watts in the directors chair, as well as John Francis Daley and Jonathan M. Goldstein as writers. Many thought that just maybe the relationship between Goddard and Marvel may have been tainted, but it seems we were quite far off.

“I love Marvel, I still work with them. I was in the writers room of Season 2 a couple weeks ago – it’s going. I think this sort of got portrayed as this sort of animosity; it’s never been the case. They know I love their properties, they’ve been very nice to me, we just keep trying to find the right fit.”

The second season will actually see a new showrunner taking over, as close friends of Drew Goddard, Marco Ramirez and Doug Petrie, and it seems he is still quite active as an executive producer, even being called in now and then. “My job is wonderful which is – I mean my friends are running it, Marco and Doug, and when I say, “What do you guys need?” they say “Come in, talk.” That’s how it works, I’m still the executive producer. I show up and we talk about Matt Murdock and I say, “Do you need any more help?” and they say, “No” and then I leave.”

He has voiced strong interest in adapting a Marvel project yet he is trying to find the right project. I personally think he would be great in adapting another Netflix series, Moonknight to be more precise. With Sinister Six flushed down the drain, it would be a great idea to see Goddard adapt another team of villains, The Thunderbolts or even the actual Sinister Six for this incarnation of Spider-Man.

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